The Brooklyn Cyclones Team Set and Rocky Bobblehead

I go to Coney Island for the Brooklyn Cyclones once a year for Bark in the Park. You really can’t beat watching a baseball game with your dog. Most years were super hot and humid but this year was actually kind of nice! Anyways this year I got a bunch of souvenirs.

Brooklyn Cyclones Team Set and Rocky Bobblehead

I bought the 2019 Brooklyn Cyclones team set and got a Rocky bobblehead and a Brooklyn Cyclones dog bowl (which my dog is using already). I actually like the design of this year’s cards. I only could find the 2011 team set to compare it with and 2019’s cards are a huge improvement. I can’t even read the font in the 2011 cards. As for the Rocky bobblehead, unfortunately it isn’t the best quality. I had to glue one of his hands back and the paint job is really bad. I heard this was a common problem with this particular bobblehead. But it is a freebie so I guess I can’t complain too much.

Anyways the game was actually a double header and Cyclones won both, the last with a walk off home run!

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What’s Inside a Flying Tiger Copenhagen Surprise Bag

Flying Tiger Copenhagen is a quirky store that is kind of hard to describe. They sell a bit of everything including games, office stuff, kitchen stuff, party stuff etc. They sell these surprise bags for $4 and you know I just can’t resist a good mystery bag or box. So what’s inside a Flying Tiger Copenhagen surprise bag?

Flying Tiger Copenhagen Surprise Bag

What's Inside a Flying Tiger Copenhagen Surprise Bag

I got a 1st place medal which I can definitely give away in my next Catan tournament at Bryant Park, a tentacle finger thing, a way to strap your smartphone to your arm and THE ugliest phone case for an iPhone case.

So it is a bunch of things you don’t need… but are definitely conversation starters which honestly describes almost everything for sale at Flying Tiger Copenhagen.

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2019 Topps WWE SummerSlam Blaster Break

SummerSlam is this Sunday so I figured to take a chance on a blaster of 2019 Topps WWE SummerSlam. This blaster promises 10 packs, 1 relic card and 4 exclusive Intercontinental Championship 40th Anniversary cards.

2019 Topps WWE Summerslam Other Cards

So this set is basically another Road to WrestleMania (I hate that set). It is mostly a mix of the greatest moments in SummerSlam history and recent WWE matches & moments. It should be a good thing seeing the past and present side by side but I can’t help to think when I was going through the cards it really highlighted how pointless and inconsequential recent matches are. Maybe it is just me…

2019 Topps WWE Summerslam Ronda Rousey Tribute Cards

It is also interesting to so Ronda Rousey is getting the legends treatment already. She retired like only a few months ago. I guess you can only do so many Hulk Hogan, Rock and Ultimate Warrior tribute cards.

2019 Topps WWE Summerslam Blaster Hits

I am honestly really disappointed with the Alexander Wolfe shirt card 10/180 as my hit. Is this a card that really needed to exist? Alexander Wolfe and the Sanity are worst than jobbers in that they are completely forgotten about. They made their debut and then nothing. I can’t even remember a single match they were in and I didn’t even know Sanity broke up until I looked it up. To be fair, the Sanity idea sounded interesting on paper (if not a little cliché) but it is really tough for a tag team nowadays. Off the top my head, the Sanity, the Ascension, the Club, Authors of Pain, the Viking Raiders, Heavy Machinery and the Street Profits all had rough debuts.

Despite all that I am still excited for SummerSlam. Some of the matches are kind meh to me but it is also fun to see Goldberg and Trish Stratus back.

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What’s in the 6+ Collectibles Mystery Box?

This mystery box guarantees 6+ collectibles valued at over $20. It is another one of those Fairfield repack concoctions.

I got it because it is so cheap, $5.99 (plus I got a little discount) and it could have anything! So what’s actually in the Collectibles Mystery Box?

My box has:
A mini Pokemon binder
Secret Life of Pets slap band
Flipazoo toy
Nickelodeon Light Ups
LOL Surprise Light Ups
Frozen collectible dog tag
Minions collectible dog tag

Six Collectibles Mystery Box

So I got a bonus item! Here’s my question. Does anyone collect dog tags? I get way too many of these mystery boxes and I always see a ton of these dog tags. I always assume they don’t sell well but Bullsitoy keeps coming out with new sets for practically every popular TV show or movie. I also find the Flipazoo toys weird and the LOL Surprise character creepy.

I think I am probably only going to keep the Arnold light up keychain and the Pokemon binder (even though putting cards in these binders kind of damages them) and throw the rest of the stuff in my components box for my next board game design workshop. These random collectibles/ toys are great for inspiration. The more random the better I say! (If you are in the NYC area, the next board game workshop is August 5th in Bryant Park, 5-7 PM. Everyone is welcomed!)

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Random Pack Break: YuGiOh Dark Neostorm Special Edition

I won this YuGiOh Dark Neostorm special edition pack at a raffle. I don’t really play YuGiOh but I have to admit I am definitely interested it all the changes in the game since I last played. Anyways, this special edition has 3 Dark Neostorm pack and 2 super rare variant cards/ promos.

YuGiOh Dark Neostorm Special Edition

I looked it up and Mekk- Knight Crusadia Avramax is a secret rare and worth $14. World Legacy Monstrosity is a ultra rare worth $4. Nice!

I have been watching a lot YuGiOh Youtube videos to see what has changed and is this really a kid’s card game anymore (the packaging markets the game as 6+)? There is a ton of reading involved and there are a lot of complex mechanics. I play a ton of card and board games and even then some of the rules and mechanics confuse me.

(I actually won two YuGiOh Dark Neostorm special edition packs and I decided to just open the other one too. I pulled a Dingirsu, The Orcust of the Evening Star, worth about $25 making it one of the most valuable cards in the set. So I got super lucky.)

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Awesomely Awesome Comics: The Walking Dead

I was a huge fan of the Walking Dead show and comics but I kind of lost interest in the show awhile ago. I also was looking to get less comics every week so I stopped getting the comics after All Out War. But I recently picked up two very important issues, The Walking Dead #100 and The Walking Dead #193. Both are worth a pretty penny and both are awesomely awesome comics.

The Walking Dead 100

My copy of The Walking Dead #100 is a Barnes & Noble exclusive (which you get bundled with the Here’s Negan graphic novel.) This comic is the debut of Negan. Every good hero has to have a good archnemesis and Negan is easily one the best villains in comic book history. This comic also has one the most memorable scenes in The Walking Dead, Negan choosing randomly who is he going to kill with Lucille. Rereading this issue reminded why I was a huge fan of The Walking Dead in the first place.

The Walking Dead 193

The Walking Dead #193 is the final issue of the comic series (and my copy is from the first printing). I love how Robert Kirkman surprised everyone with the end. (In fact they were advertising issues after #193 to hide this fact). Anyways I don’t want to spoil anything because if you are a fan of The Walking Dead you have to read this issue but I love how the series has a happy ending which means all the sacrifices did something. I honestly got chills turning the last page and seeing “the end”. The Walking Dead #193 sets the bar very high for the show’s ending and I am fully prepared to be disappointed.

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Various Authors’ Autographs that I Added to My Collection

I still like to collect autographs from time to time and I also love bargains! I found these autographs of I like to think popular authors and writers for really cheap recently. None of these signed books/ comic books costed me more than $4. You just never know what you might find in thrift shops and the like.

Peter V Brett Autograph

The Skull Throne signed by Peter V. Brett. The book is part of the Demon cycle. There is a lot to like about Skull Throne but I honestly can’t recommend it. I really like the premise of demons aka Corelings versus humans who found ways to channel magic through wards. The main story line is really interesting but it crawls in a snails pace in this book. There are way too many characters (with similar names) and way too many subplots.

Myke Cole Autograph

Gemini Cell signed by Myke Cole. I haven’t read this book yet but it has quite the hook. A wizard through magic raises a US Navy SEAL from the dead to be the ultimate warrior. So it is described as a military fantasy book. Intriguing.

Marjorie Liu Signed Comic

Marjorie Liu signed Monstress comic. Honestly I haven’t read much of Liu’s work (I may have read some of her comics without realizing it) but I see her as a notable guest at New York Comic Con seemingly every year so I am familiar with the name. Monstress has won a bunch of awards… and I have no idea what’s going on. There is something to do with gods and a war… I am obviously missing a lot but I am not sure if I ever will look into the other comics to fill in the holes.

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