Snorlax Promo and Chilling Reign Pokemon TCG Three Pack Blister

Honestly I wasn’t too excited about the Sword & Shield Chilling Reign Pokemon TCG set and I wasn’t planning on getting any packs for this set. But Snorlax is one of my favorite Pokemon so I had to get at the very least the single strike Snorlax promo and Chilling Reign Pokemon TCG three pack blister.

I guess I used all my luck in my other 3 pack blister and I didn’t pull anything too exciting in my three packs. I am still happy to get the Snorlax promo and I am tempted to build a deck around him that uses both Powerful Energy and Single Strike Energy. It won’t be a good deck but it should be fun. The castform deck is another a fun deck from this set and I might build that deck to try on Pokemon TCG Online. Other than that, I got a few useful trainers that will see play like Fog Crystal and Path to the Peak.

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Collector’s Edge Baseball Cards Repack | 1:8 Contain a Hit

Happy Fourth of July! I haven’t opened any baseball card packs or boxes in a long, long time. Ever since my local card shop closed, they have kind of been out of sight, out of mind. Even all the Targets closest to me haven’t been carrying baseball cards either. But to be honest, I actually haven’t been watching much baseball lately either. That has been changing because of Shohei Ohtani though and I am pretty sure I watched more Angels games than Mets games this season. Anyways I had the itch to open some baseball cards again. I can only find this Collector’s Edge baseball cards repack. It usually only has old cards in it so I highly doubt I’ll pull an Ohtani card. I also have a slim chance (1:8) to pull a hit.

The repack came with one sealed pack, 2021 Topps Opening Day and the best card from that pack is an Outstanding Opening Day Bryce Harper insert. As for the rest of the cards, as expected it is a bunch of 80’s and 90’s cards with a tiny bit of more recent cards. Most of the cards I have already or don’t really want. Pulling a Bobby Bonilla card though reminded that Bobby Bonilla day just recently passed so I guess the Mets are still paying him?

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My Haul from the New NYC Lego Flagship Store | What’s Inside the Lego Mystery Grab Bag?

Lego just opened a huge store in New York City. Like most of their store openings, they had a bunch of interesting free gifts with purchase to celebrate. Here is my haul from the new NYC Lego flagship store.

Even though it is an older set, the one set I really wanted is Ninjago: Journey to the Skull Dungeons. For a $30 set, it has a lot included. There is even a RPG campaign which I can’t wait to check out. I needed another $20 to get the Lego mystery grab bag (the GWP of the day) and the Minions in Gru’s Lab set caught my eye.

The Lego mystery grab bag is advertised to have $50 in value. I got a NYC Lego flagship store tote bag, a Lego cup, a Lego NYC minifigure magnet, a gold chrome minifigure keychain, a Lego ice tray and probably the star of the mystery bag the Fairground Accessory set. I am pretty happy with what’s was inside. I definitely got a lot more than the usual gifts with purchase.

Overall if you are ever by the Rockefeller Center I definitely recommend checking the new Lego store out. There is something interesting to look at throughout the store.

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My Best Pokemon TCG Three Pack Blister Ever!

I was at Target the other day and I didn’t see any Pokemon TCG cards at first. But when I was about to checked out a little while later, I noticed there was suddenly a few products that I didn’t see on the shelves before. I got this Pokemon TCG three pack blister with 3 pack of Pokemon TCG Sword & Shield Battle Styles and a promo Eevee.

I am so happy I decided to check the card section again because this is my best Pokemon TCG three pack blister ever! I got three packs and I got three hits. I got a Rapid Strike Urshifu V (which probably one of the best cards in the set), Tapu Koko V (which is probably one of the worst V’s in the set but at least it a V) and Corviknight VMax secret rare (which is a card that sees a little play and looks amazing.)

I also got a Rapid Strike Urshifu V Box and my best pull out of those four packs was a Flapple VMax secret rare so I got pretty lucky with that box too!

I know Chilling Reign just came out but I really like the Battle Styles set. It has so many fun build around me cards. In fact, one of my favorite decks right now is a Weepinbell and Salazzle deck which I have been playing in PTCGO with great success.

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Yard Sale Finds: Cheap Lego, Comics and Books

There was an annual yard sale in walking distance from me that I just found out about last week. I decided to swing by and take look. Here are my yard sale finds!

I got this Lego Technic power boat and what I thought at the time was a Lego submarine for only $3. I had to look up one of the more unique Lego parts from the “submarine” to see what set it is from and I found out it is actually a giant robotic spider, the Water Strider (with missing a ton of parts). It is definitely not what I was expecting and I don’t have plans for it but at that price, I couldn’t resist. There were also a couple of kids board games from the same seller but I had to put them down since I don’t have the room for it sadly.

I also got a stack of random comics (most of them Star Wars and DC comics) and a random Star Wars book for $5. As I have mention before, my to read pile is getting huge but anything Star Wars rockets up toward the top and gets priority.

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Thrift Store Hauls: Pathfinder Strategy Guide, Signed Kids Book and More!

I found a couple of interesting books in my latest thrift store haul. Here are some of the highlights.

First off I am very excited to find this Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Strategy Guide at a thrift store for only $1. I honestly don’t play Pathfinder but I am always excited to add any RPG book for that cheap to my collection. I like to read these RPG books and see if I can use any of the stories, characters or mechanics and adapt them to my heavily modified Fate Accelerated system. This book is like new and in fact I don’t think it has been opened at all.

I am a huge Scooby- Doo fan so Daphne and Velma: The Dark Deception intrigued me. Plus from what I read on the little blurb on the back it reminds me of Mystery Incorporated which takes a darker look into the Scooby- Doo universe and it is my favorite series by far. Mystery Incorporated only had two seasons so I have been craving for more. I also found the first book in the Enola Holmes series (so now I have the 1st, 5th and 6th book in the series). Both the Daphne and Velma and Enola Homes books were $1.

The Spy Next Door: The Curse of the Mummy’s Tummy is signed by the author and illustrator, Jay Cooper. I got it got from Strands Book for $3 so this book cost as much as the other three books combined. I was on the fence about getting this book but the little mummy mouse drawing sold me on it.

I actually bought a bunch of other books the last few weeks or so and my to read pile of books is getting quite high…

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Random Pokemon TCG Repack: 20 Cards, 2 Foils and 2 Online Codes

I found this Pokemon TCG repack in my backpack. I must have bought it awhile ago and totally forgot about it. This repack has 20 cards plus 2 foil cards and 2 online codes. These repacks are usually about $5 so I am not expected much.

Nice! I pulled 2 Pokemon League promos cards, Celesteela and Empoleon. As for the rest of the cards, you can find the most random cards in these Pokemon repacks and this one is no different. There were old cards, new cards, energy cards and world championship cards (which aren’t tournament legal) but honestly there wasn’t anything else of note.

I also checked and claimed the Pokemon online codes. They are Regigigas and Rowlet promos from blister packs.

All in all, I am just happy to pull two Pokemon League promos cards. I have opened a lot worst in these types of repacks.

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Random Pack Break: Yu-Gi-Oh Invasion of Chaos

I having been finding these packs of Yu-Gi-Oh Invasion of Chaos from Yu-Gi-Oh repacks. It is of course a much older set but they are definitely not first edition but instead from a recent reprint of the set. I have 7 of these packs, each with 9 cards.

I know I was playing Yu-Gi-Oh when this set first came out but I don’t remember anything about it. Opening these packs, it is so weird to me to have so little text on each card but as expected there isn’t many cards worth putting in a deck anymore due to power creep. The only two I think that still sees play is Heart of the Underdog and Gren Maju Da Eiza (both in fringe decks). I actually have a Heart of the Underdog deck with Exodia and Igknights and one of my Heart of the Underdog is badly damaged so now I can replace that.

Also one card I am excited to pull (and I pulled two of them) is Mad Dog of Darkness. It is part of series of cards that tells the tragic story of Outstanding Dog Marron and I always wanted to build a that deck.

Overall I love these throwback packs and it was a fun break.

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Thrift Store Hauls: Star Wars RPG, Beyblade and More!

I check the thrift stores near me maybe once or twice a week and I have gotten quite lucky the last couple of weeks.

First up I found this Star Wars RPG: The Force Awakens Beginner Game from Fantasy Flight for $10 sealed. I actually ran a months long campaign in the Star Wars universe but I used the Fate system. I have finally gotten back to meeting in person for RPGs and I am definitely looking forward to check out the official Star Wars RPG system.

One thing I have always kept an eye out for in thrift stores but couldn’t find until now was Beyblade stuff. I got this arena, two Beyblades, one broken knockoff top (that I threw away) and two launchers for only $5. It is probably one of the best deals yet! I thought I was only going to get one or two Beyblades when I first started just to check it out and now I have quite the growing collection.

Finally I also always take a look at the books section and in the past, I have gotten a lot of random books. One of my favorite finds lately has been the 5th and 6th book of the Enola Holmes series. I wasn’t expecting much but I really enjoyed it and read both books in one day. I hope to find the rest of the series in thrift stores or used bookstores some time soon.

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Pokemon TCG Galarian Rapidash V Box Break

The Great Pokemon Card Shortage of 2021 is in full swing. Local card shops have marked up Pokemon TCG boxes and packs by 50%- 75% (scalpers on eBay and the like even more), big box stores have move what little Pokemon cards they do have to locked cabinets and some have even stop selling any cards altogether due to “troublemakers”. I have been buying trading card games here and there for decades and I have never seen anything like this before.

I actually went to the Nintendo store on release day to see if they have some of the new products. I went to the usual card section and they only had old theme decks on the shelves. Luckily as I was walking out, I noticed they had a few of the new products behind the counter and I got this Galarian Rapidash V box.

I have been looking to open more Sword and Shield Battle Styles packs and this box has two of them. The other two packs are Darkness Ablaze and Sun & Moon Crimson Invasion.

I didn’t pull any GX, V or V Maxes so that is a bit disappointing. The Galarian Rapidash V is not a bad card though and I think the card is exclusive to this box. The only card I need from the packs was Dedenne for my Mad Party deck. I wish they will stop adding a random pack from a really old set in these products. Darkness Ablaze makes sense to include but Crimson Invasion does not and it is a really weak set in general in my opinion.

I hope the Pokemon Company will finally get around to printing more cards soon but from what I heard the next set Chilling Reign would also be hard to get…

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