Random Pack Break: 2016 Topps WWE Rack Pack

I have been lucky with Topps WWE rack packs lately so I thought to try another one. This time I have a 2016 Topps WWE rack pack. There are 21 cards per packs and it says to look out for The Rock Tribute cards.

2016 Topps WWE

The first thing I notice about this set is that there are a lot of retired wrestlers (I guess they called them WWE legends) in the set. In fact, 15 out of the 21 cards in the pack are retired wrestlers, 4 are active wrestlers and 2 are NXT wrestlers. It might be a small sample size but I find it interesting. I pulled a Rock Tribute card but I really only care about the NXT cards as I am still trying to collecting all things NXT.

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Comics, Cards, Collectibles and More from Atlantic City Boardwalk Con 2016

I made my way to Atlantic City this weekend for the 2nd annual Atlantic City Boardwalk Con and I picked up a few things along the way.

First I got a stack of comics and graphic novels. Most notable in the stack are a Charmed trade paperback signed by the writer and an indie comic signed by the writer and oddly enough Gary Sohmers from Antique Roadshow.

Comics from ACBC

I am most excited about picking up this booster box of The X-Files CCG. I played a quick game with two starter decks not too long ago and I was looking to pick up more booster packs. Best of all, this booster box was only $5!

The XFiles CCG Booster Box

Finally I love mystery boxes and this is what I got out of mines. I love the Doctor Who bag and the Fallout bobblehead.

Mystery Box from ACBC

There is also an awesome beef jerky store in Atlantic City and I have a whole stash to last me throughout the summer!

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I Picked Up Another Rack Pack of 2016 Topps Road to Wrestlemania and

I pulled a shirt relic card of Paige, 21/350.

Paige Relic

Interestingly enough one of the corners of this relic card is slightly dented like my pull from my other pack of 2016 Topps Road to Wreslemania.  It is straight out of the pack and the other cards aren’t dented. Anyways, here are some of my other pulls from the pack.

2016 Topps Road to Wreslemania

So I am 2 for 2 with 2016 Topps Road of Wrestlemania rack packs!

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My Haul from International Tabletop Day

So today was International Tabletop Day and I am been playing board games all day, all over New York City. I got to try a lot of new games and I won some Machi Koro promos!

Machi Koro Promos

To be honest, I bought Machi Koro awhile ago but I never opened the game. But with these promos, I am definitely bringing it to the next board game meetup. Speaking of which if you are in New York City, I host board game socials in Bryant Park every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 6-8 PM. It is a lot of fun and best of all they are free!

I also saw some discount heroclix figures in a separate gaming store and I picked up these sweet Superman and General Zod figures too!

Superman and General Zod Heroclix

These figures are a little different and little bigger than your typical Heroclix figures. They are from a TabApp Elite set which some sort of iPad game. I am probably never downloading the app but these are interesting additions to my huge Heroclix collection.

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Lost CCGs: MLB Showdown

I recently found one of my old MLB Showdown decks and it brought back a lot good memories. It is the still the best sports themed CCG in my opinion (although to be honest there are not a lot of them nowadays).

Without going too much in detail, you can simulate a full of game of baseball with MLB Showdown by rolling 20 sided dice and by comparing the results to charts to find out the outcomes. There is also a deck of modifier cards to help mitigate some of the luck. One of the best features was there was a fatigue factor as you play from game to game so you can’t use the same starting pitcher all the time and you had to rest players from time to time. Here is my team.

MLB Showdown Lineup

MLB Showdown Starting Rotation

MLB Showdown Bench and Bullpen

There was a hard cap to build teams so you can’t just play with all the best players. The deck that I found was honestly one of my weaker teams (I am not sure where my other teams are). This team is kind of top heavy with players like Larry Walker, Cliff Floyd and Roy Halladay. It came at the cost though. There are a bunch of below average players like Darren Oliver, Einar Diaz and Geoff Jenkins. They were needed to round out the team and to get under the point limit.

So why did MLB Showdown fail? First off, I remember MLB Showdown was controversial in the fact that foil rare cards came in exactly every X packs so it was very easy to map boxes. Thus if you knew this fact, you would never buy loose packs from an opened box which had to hurt sales. Also MLB Showdown had a weird rule that bench players were worth 1/5 of the points but had to come in the 5th inning or later (if my memory is correct). So tournament decks would have the best baseball players at the time like Mark McGuire and Barry Bonds in the bench that would never happen in the real world. And last but not least, to be honest, this is game was very repetitive. A game can get a little long and I wouldn’t even think about long MLB Showdown tournaments. For me most of the fun actually came from building teams and designing decks.

All in all, MLB Showdown simulated a game of baseball quite well but unfortunately that also meant that it got boring after only one or two plays. But if you love statistics and numbers crunching then you might even like the mechanics. If I can find another deck, I definitely want to give this game another go.

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Random Pack Break: 2015 Topps WWE & Run’A Bot Biz Saiyuki Figure

I was cleaning my closet the other day and I found a value pack of 2015 Topps WWE and weird sealed box of Run’A Bot Biz Saiyuki figures among other random things. I have no idea where I got them from but I suspect they were part of those mystery boxes with random goodies that you find in comic cons and monthly subscription boxes.

First off the 2015 Topps WWE pack… and I got a bunch of doubles. Even the NXT card in the pack was a double. But I did get this

Virgil Parallel

It is a black parallel of WWE legend Virgil. Yea this pack is not too exciting.

The other pack is a bit more interesting. I couldn’t find much about it but it is a random collectible mini figure from the anime Saiyuki. If I got it right, Run’A Bot Biz is the company that makes these figures.

Bronze figure of Lirin

I think it is a bronze parallel of the character Lirin. I don’t know a thing about Saiyuki so I have no idea who this is or even if this figure is worth anything.

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More Quick Board Game Reviews: King of Tokyo, No Thanks, Rolling America & More!

I am going to start a new job hosting board game nights so I have been demoing games all month! Since the last board game review post was somewhat popular here is another one.

King of Tokyo
King of Tokyo is my favorite game introduced to me so far. It is fun, fast paced, easy to teach and wildly addictive. It also has a great theme (kaiju monsters causing all sorts of mayhem in Tokyo) and I honestly have never seen a game draw in non- gamers as well as this one. King of Tokyo is going to be a staple in all my board game nights and it has rocketed to my favorite game.

King of New York
King of New York takes King of Tokyo and adds a few new interesting mechanics to keep things fresh. It is a bit harder to teach especially to those new to board games but this is an excellent game that I will take out after a group plays King of Tokyo a couple of times.

Rolling America
Rolling America is a hard puzzle game and this is easily my new favorite one person game (although it can be play with a lot more people).

Spaceteam is a chaotic co-op party game where you try to make sure things are getting done to travel through space. It a perfect ice breaker and filler but I have to warn you there will be a lot of yelling. Along the same lines I want to try Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, where you need help from your friends to defuse a bomb.

Timeline Challenge
I love Timeline but you can finish a game in like 5 minutes. Sometimes you want a little more. Timeline Challenge adds a lot to the base game. Timeline Challenge is kind of a like Cranium with dates and it is good trivia party game with the right group.

Monster Factory
Monster Factory is tile laying game and it is basically like a super simple Carcassonne. I found the game boring but it can be good with kids.

The X-Files CCG
I love deduction games so I gave this a shot. I got 2 starter decks but if you play with the basic rules the decks are kind of imbalanced since they are semi random and you have to take out a bunch of cards. The core of the game is interesting. You need to send your agents to investigate sites, pass skill checks and from there is it like Clue. I hate the tiny little rule book since it was a chore to read. I didn’t even bother with advance rules but the basic game is mediocre. It may have worked better as a stand alone board game or living card game rather than a Collectible Card Game where cards are random.

No Thanks!
Finally I don’t really like small set collecting card games (there are a lot of them) but I tried No Thanks and it probably the only game in the genre I will play. It is simple but surprisingly strategic.

Games I want to try next:

Pixel Tactics
I don’t know much about this game. I have heard good things and I got it for cheap.

Mr Jack
This seems to be an interesting deduction game that I haven’t played.

Shadows Over Camelot
Shadows Over Camelot is a classic co-op game and it is one game I really want to try out.

Run, Fight or Die!
I heard this game is like King of Tokyo with zombies. I bought the expansion Running Late But We’re Worth It for only $.99. I am looking for a good deal on the base game.

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