2015 Topps Spring Fever Pack Break

I got three packs of 2015 Topps Spring Fever today from my local card store. I haven’t heard anything about this set/ promotion so I was a bit curious.

2015 Topps Spring Fever

Interesting. There seem to be 50 cards in the set and the cards are certainly shiny. You can pull autographs in these packs but I assume the odds are astronomical. I am just happy I pulled the David Wright card from the set but I wish there was more variety in the set.

All in all, I’mma gonna let Topps do their thing but Panini had one of the best hobby promotions of all time…

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My 2015 Topps WWE Box Break

I picked up a box of 2015 Topps WWE the other day. First off, Hulk Hogan has quite the crazed look.

2015 Topps WWE Box

Second, I can’t believe Virgil has a card in this set.

2015 Topps WWE Cards

It is nice to complete the base set with just one box. The Topps design reminds me a bit of 90’s wrestling cards.

2015 Topps WWE Crowd Chants

This year’s WWE product has some interesting additions. There is a huge insert set every year and this year is focused on crowd’s chants. The crowd is an important part of the wrestling experience and there should actually be more cards highlighting this. So that is a thumbs up for me (although I don’t think anyone ever chanted Oh, No!).

2015 Topps WWE NXT

It is kind of the in thing to say nowadays but NXT is actually my favorite WWE show and I love the NXT subset. I am a fan of Hideo Itami, Colin Cassady (along with Enzo Amore) and Alexa Bliss. If there is set I want to complete, it would be all the NXT inserts. By the way, next year’s NXT set will probably have Finn Balor, Kevin Owens and Becky Lynch.

2015 Topps WWE Hulk Hogan

While NXT represents what is fresh about the WWE, Hulk Hogan represents what is tired and repetitive about the WWE. There are so many Hulk Hogan cards already and this year there is yet another insert set just about Hulk Hogan.

2015 Topps WWE Parallels

Finally, the black parallels run 1:6 and other than AJ Lee my pulls have been lackluster. The silver parallel is one per box and it is of the Miz, who I can’t say I am a fan of.

There are two hits per box which can range from memorabilia cards, autographs, kiss cards and commemorative championship plates.

Brie Bella Shirt Card Ric Flair Belt Card

My two hits is a Brie Bella shirt card and a Ric Flair commemorative championship plate. As for the Brie Bella card, I couldn’t care less about it. I find her kind of annoying. I also normally couldn’t care less about manufactured patches, belt plates etc but that gimmick does work better for WWE cards than say baseball cards. Other than the NXT cards, it probably my only other card of note in this box.

If you are a Brie Bella superfan, this could have been a good box for you as I pulled a shirt card and a black parallel. I actually have a Ric Flair autograph in my collection and I will probably store the belt card with that. Ric Flair actually signs more than he used to so maybe I can get the belt card signed too. I also pulled NXT cards 2 though 9 and as soon as I find a checklist I would definitely interested in trading for the cards I am missing. Looking at eBay I think I am only missing Aiden English and Tye Dillinger.

All in all, my pulls were OK but it was a fun break.

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Random Pack Break: MTG Conspiracy

So I was playing an epic game of Commander at my local gaming store. But unfortunately after an hour of back and forth, I was one of the first players knocked out. (Never ever spare a Daretti…) So looking to kill the time and picked up two packs of Conspiracy…

Dack Fayden Conspiracy

and I pulled a Dack Fayden, the greatest thief in the Multiverse! It is probably the most valuable non foil card you can pull from Conspiracy. The other rare was actually a Dack’s Duplicate so the packs have a little Dack Fayden theme going around.

I have two Dack Faydens now and I want to brew something sweet with them. Currently it really only sees play in Vintage Delver decks. Maybe a control-ish Tiny Leaders deck lead by Shu Yun, the Silent Tempest? Anyways, I am drawing a blank but I am opened to ideas!

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Cryptozoic The Walking Dead Trading Cards

The Walking Dead is probably one of my favorite shows on the air right now. I wanted to take a look at the Cryptozoic trading cards so I pick up five blister packs of The Walking Dead Season Three Part 1.

Cryptozoic The Walking Dead Trading Cards

Prison Foil-stamped chase set

Hits for the retail packs come at 1:1000 and I didn’t get lucky with these five packs. I did pull an insert though from the Prison Foil-stamped chase set. I also pulled four doubles in five packs so I am 20 out of 72 in completing the set.

Like the show, the cards are quite gruesome. I also imagine that these Walking Dead trading cards are a big money maker for Cryptozoic. They just need to take a couple of screenshots, slap on the logo and write a line or two about each scene. Plus there are 5 seasons and sure to be more in the future so Cryptozoic is set for future material especially if they split each season into two parts.

All in all there is nothing too groundbreaking in this set. But I have to admit the prop cards featuring shell casings from the season is pretty neat though. Either way, there is something about these types of non sports cards that compels me to try to complete the set…

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2015 Topps Baseball Series One Jumbo Pack

This year’s Topps flagship set, 2015 Topps Baseball Series One is in full display which means Spring Training is right around the corner! I have found these sets kind of boring in the past so I will start with just a jumbo pack first.

2015 Topps Baseball Series One

2015 Topps Baseball Series One Inserts

The first thing I noticed is that these cards are quite colorful which is quite different from past years’ designs. The gold parallels are boring but I am curious how the other parallels look with this design. Derek Jeter is the first card of the set and I guess he is going to have the Babe Ruth treatment and be in every set for years to come. You also got a lot of the usual types of inserts but I really enjoy the 50 Cent insert and it is in the early frontrunner of my favorite card in the set (and maybe even favorite card of the year). I bet that his infamous first pitch is the one that inspired this insert set. I wonder who else on the list. Finally, you can’t have a Topps Baseball set without some gimmicks and I didn’t pull a Babe Ruth’s Call Your Shot card but that gimmick does seem interesting.

All in all, this is a fairly strong start for the new year for Topps.

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Random Pack Break: 2014-15 Panini Prizm Basketball Hobby

I don’t really buy scratch off lottery tickets. I buy loose packs of baseball, basketball and MMA cards instead! I was picking up some comics for the week and I had some loose change so I picked up a hobby pack of 2014-15 Panini Prizm Basketball too. It has only 5 cards per pack.

2014-15 Panini Prizm Basketball Hobby

I didn’t really pull anyone I collect. The card that stands out is definitely the Rick Barry Blue/Green Prizm parallel. Hopefully I can trade this for someone I collect…

I picked up this pack to take a look at this year’s cards and see if they are worth buying a box. The cards are definitely shiny and there are like a billion different parallels in this set. This year design though is also A LOT like last year design. The parallels are similar and in the base design, you just move the textured pattern from the sides to the middle and take out the white bar switch the font color from black to white and bingo you have this year’s design. Am I buying a box of 2014-15 Panin Prizm Basketball? Probably not but I am itching to open some basketball packs soon than later so I hope something interesting comes out the next few weeks.

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Domos and Vinylmation Collectible Figures from Orlando

I picked a really, really good week to go to Orlando, missing Winter Storm Juno (even though the snowfall in New York City turned out a lot less than expected). The weather was just perfect down in Florida.

I haven’t been to either Universal Studios or Disney World in like 10+ years. Of all the parks, Epcot was always my favorite but Universal Studios has really stepped up their game especially in the Harry Potter sections. The attention to small details had me in awe a number of times.

Anyways, every time I travel somewhere I like to open some packs. I couldn’t find any sports cards in Orlando but I did picked up a couple packs of collectible figures. As you may know, I collect Domos and picked up a pack of Domo Qee Series 5. I also got a Vinylmation Park #13, Vinylmation Urban Redux #2 and a Vinylmation from the Star Wars line.

Domos and Vinylmation

The wood grain Domo is one of the rarer figures from this series, coming at 1/30. The Vinylmation figures though are the common ones in the sets. Goofy as Darth Vader is a limited edition Vinylmation. I wanted to take a look at the Vinylmation figures and all in all, I probably will stick with Domos.

Finally, there has been a debate between the turkey drumsticks from Disney vs the ones from Universal Studios and my vote is definitely for the mammoth drumsticks from Disney.

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