Gems of the Game Baseball Trading Cards Repack

I have been super busy gearing up for the fourth of July so this is a quick blog post. I have a Gems of the Game baseball trading cards repack which has 1 graded card (graded 9.0 or higher), 3 fat packs and 3 regular packs. The fat packs are a 2009 UD Baseball Series 1, a 2008 UD Baseball Series 1 Rookie Edition and a 2014 Topps Baseball Series 2. The three other packs are a 2008 UD X Baseball, a 2014 Topps Baseball Series 1 and a 2010 UD Baseball Series 1. That is a lot of baseball cards.

Topps Parallels

I pulled some sort of parallel of Hyun-Jin Ryun (going to my PC) and Jose Abreu (rookie card). I also pulled a Marlon Byrd autograph out of the UD X pack. Sweet!

Marlon Byrd Autograph

As for the graded card…

Mike Trout Graded 10

I got a really random Mike Trout base card from 2012 Topps. At least it is graded 10, mint or better.

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Random Basketball Packs before the NBA Draft

Today is the big day for the New York Knicks. It is the NBA Draft! I kind of want to open some basketball packs and I could only get my hands on this basketball repack. It has one guaranteed memorabilia card and three basketball packs which happened to be 1 pack of 2012-13 Panini Past & Present and 2 packs of 2012- 13 Panini NBA Hoops.

Panini Cards

I must have overlooked these sets when they came out since these are the first packs of them I have opened. But I wasn’t really missing anything as both are the boring side. And my guaranteed memorabilia card is

Shawn Marion Jersey Card

of Shawn Marion. One thing I hate is when cards are clearly designed to have two maybe more swatches of game used materials and instead they cover up these spots with awkward logos or what not. They look awful and if you are like me, you feel like you are missing out.

So I didn’t really pull anything. Anyways back to the Knicks. I have a bad feeling about the NY Knicks’ future and I have little faith in Phil Jackson’s ability to build a competitive team. I also have a feeling it will be another Stephen Curry situation. The Knicks were one pick away from picking Curry and instead we had to settled for Jordan Hill. Ugh. I wish I have more reasons to be optimistic about the Knicks. I guess you need a wait and see approach as a fan and I hope Phil Jackson proves all his doubters wrong.

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The Plague: The Most Powerful MTG Theme Deck of All Time

I want to have a little theme deck/ intro deck war with a few of my friends so I am slowly acquiring or building some of the most powerful, some of the weirdest theme decks in Magic history. So far I got the Way of the Warrior a white weenie deck from Champions of Kamigawa built around the bushido mechanic and Bait & Switch from Onslaught which is probably the weirdest theme deck built around changing your opponent creature types to turn on some narrow cards (like a card that destroys target cleric).

Anyways, I had to have The Plague from Urza’s Saga in my theme deck war. It is the answer to the question “what is the most powerful theme deck or intro deck of all time” and I just acquired the last few cards I needed.

The Plague Urza's Saga

It is so rare to have such a fun yet challenging deck released as just a theme deck. It is a combo control deck built around Pestilence. There is so much synergies like Pestilence + protection from black creatures, Pestilence + Pariah, Pestilence + Urza’s Armor, etc. The deck also has a number of cycling cards to help find your key pieces and you eventually win with enough Pestilence triggers.

This deck is easily my pick to win it all since most theme decks are creature based.

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Random Pack Break: Minions Mystery Minis & Minions Challenge Card Game

Today I have a Minions themed blog post! I have one pack of Minions Mystery Minis and one pack of Minions Challenge Card Game.

Minions Packs

And here are my pulls.

Minions Figures

The karate minion figure is pretty awesome and I have a spot for him right next to my computer. The Minions Challenge card game just seems like a game of War but I will next a closer look at it when I get the time.

Can’t wait until the Minions movie comes out!


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Donruss Americana II Ring Kings Autographs

The Ring Kings inserts from Donruss American II is easily one of my favorite set of cards ever. I am definitely looking to pick up any cards from this set to add to my small but growing collection. It just so happens that my local card shop picked up a few Ring Kings cards that caught my eye so basically I bought all the cards I didn’t have already. So…

Donruss Ring Kings

I picked up a sweet Keith “The Dean of Mean” Jardine autograph, a Big John McCarthy relic and autograph and a “The California Kid” Urijah Faber relic and autograph. Nice!

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Random Packs from Japan: Chozoukei Damashii Spider-Man 3, AniMYCLONE & Marvel Heroes

I have these random packs from Japan from a mystery bag I got at Atlantic City Boardwalk Con. It should be a fun break.

Random Packs from Japan

First up the Chozoukei Damashii Spider-Man 3 pack. There are 7 figures in the set and 1 secret figure.

Venom Figure

And I pulled a Venom. Looking at the box, I was kind of hoping for a Sandman figure. Anyways, the AniMYCLONE pack is so weird. Each pack has an mini figure of an animal (of all things).

AniMYCLONE Secret Figure

Whoa… I pulled the secret figure in this set, the Clone Jaguar Turbo- Dribuyzer. So instead of pulling a zebra or deer I pulled a robot jaguar with a drill for a head. So weird… The last pack is Marvel Heroes and I don’t think it can top this.

Marvel Heroes

So in this pack, there is a giant piece of gum and a card of Carnage vs Venom.

I am not the biggest Venom fan in the world but these packs are certainly something a little different.

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2015 Topps WWE Chrome Blaster Break

I was deciding between a blaster of Gypsy Queen and a blaster of 2015 Topps WWE Chrome and as you can tell by the title I ended up the WWE Chrome one. The odds to pull a hit in a blaster is pretty astronomical but each blaster does come with 4 X-Fractors…

2015 Topps WWE Chrome

2015 Topps WWE Chrome NXT Cards

So I didn’t get lucky and didn’t pull an autograph and/ or a relic card but I did pull a bunch of NXT cards. I have a growing collection of NXT cards and all these are welcome additions especially the sweet Hideo Itami X-Fractor card. Sawyer Fulton, Aiden English, Paige, Bret “Hit Man” Hart (and the Miz who I didn’t bother to scan) are all some sort of common refractor. I also pulled two Hulk Hogan tribute cards but I could care less about them.

Again I am pretty happy with the NXT cards and I suspect I am pretty lucky to pull six NXT cards, 2 of them common refractors and one of them an X-Fractor.

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