Yu-Gi-Oh The Dark Side of Dimensions Movie Pack Secret Edition

I have opened a pack of Yu-Gi-Oh The Dark Side of Dimensions Movie before but now I have a hanger box of Yu-Gi-Oh The Dark Side of Dimensions Movie Pack Secret Edition! I haven’t watched the movie yet but this is a fun set to open as it focuses on Yugi and Kaiba cards. This box has 3 packs with 5 cards each and 3 ultra rares variant cards as a bonus.

Yu-Gi-Oh The Dark Side of Dimensions Movie Pack Secret Edition (1)

Yu-Gi-Oh The Dark Side of Dimensions Movie Pack Secret Edition (2)

I happy to pull another Dark Magician and Dark Magician Girl. The art on these cards are incredible and may just build a deck around these two cards solely for nostalgic reasons. I am also always happy to pull an Egyptian God, Silfer the Sky Dragon even if it is terrible card for the TCG.

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Dungeons & Dragons Icons of the Realms Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden Prepainted Plastic Figures Booster Pack

Dungeons & Dragons Icons of the Realms Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden just came out. I was looking at the set list and there were a couple of figures that I wanted so I picked up a single booster pack (for now) and hope to get lucky. Each booster packs has four repainted plastic figures.

I pulled one of the figures that I was really hoping to get, Abominable Yeti 31/45! I really love the sculpt but unfortunately you can see the segments of the different pieces that make the whole figure which is a little bit annoying. The other figures are Kobold Vampire Spawn 13/45, Goliath Barbarian 8/45 and Human Trapper 15/45. Is it just me or does the Kobold Vampire Spawn figure looks kind of like an evil Mushu from the good Mulan movie? Maybe I can write that in a story somehow…

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Thrift Store Hauls: Dungeons & Dragons DVDs, Board Games, Signed Comics and More!

As I was sorting out some of the stuff I got at thrift stores recently I felt kind of sad that physical media like books, comic books, DVDs etc are being phased out. I will miss the collecting side of things and I will also miss the interesting little bonus items and freebies that are included. For example, I recently got two Dungeons & Dragons DVDs from a thrift store and they both come with a D&D campaign.

Dungeons & Dragons DVDs

The first movie simply called Dungeons & Dragons comes with a video game demo of Baldur’s Gate II and The Sewers of Sumdall D&D campaign which uses a very simple D&D quick play ruleset. I ran it with couple of players who never played a RPG before and it was a lot of fun. The second movie, Wrath of the Dragon God came with the Servant of Decay campaign. I haven’t tried it yet but I skimmed it and looks fun. I may have to modified the rules to either D&D 5th Edition and maybe even Fate. Both DVDs came with mini documentaries about the game D&D which I enjoyed. By the way, the first movie is terrible but almost in a fun way and the second movie is an OK movie. I can probably write a whole blog post about them.

Similarly I also got this Yu-Gi-Oh Volume 7 manga. It is about the main character trapped playing a Yu-Gi-Oh themed RPG and it is quite meta. Most Yu-Gi-Oh mangas are a chaotic mess but this story line is a very fun read. Anyways it came with a little game called Dungeon Battle in the back of the book. I was looking for a good scan of it and I can’t find any information on it anywhere. That is what I fear; as everything goes online, we lose fun little things like this. Here are bad scans of the game if you are curious about it.

Dungeon Battle Game Rules

Dungeon Battle Game Board

Some other cool items I found recently are signed comics (Heathen NYCC edition signed by Natasha Alterici and Yi Soon Shin #4 signed by Onrie Kompan) and the Joking Hazard game with an expansion. Everything here costed me about $10!

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Dungeons & Dragons Icons of the Realms Storm King’s Thunder Prepainted Plastic Figures Booster Pack

I used to buy a lot of Heroclix packs just for the collecting side of things but the latest sets have some serious quality issues. The plastic Wizkids uses seem to be too soft so every figure has a lean to it and damages way too easily. The Dungeons & Dragons figures/ minis are placed next to the Heroclix packs at the board game store close to me and I was thinking it can be a fun pack break. So I picked up this Dungeons & Dragons Icons of the Realms Storm King’s Thunder prepainted plastic figures booster pack. I know both Heroclix and these D&D figures are from WizKids so I am a little worry about the quality but luckily, Storm King’s Thunder is an older set so I don’t think this will be a problem. Anyways, each booster pack has a big figure and 3 smaller figures.

Dungeons & Dragons Fire Giant Figure 1

Dungeons & Dragons Fire Giant Figure 2

Dungeons & Dragons Icons of the Realms Storm King's Thunder Prepainted Plastic Figures

My big figure is a Fire Giant 32A/45 and my small figures are Thri-Kreen 16/45, Yuan- Ti Malison 37/45 and Darkmantle 4/45. I was a bit curious and I was surprised to find that the Fire Giant is worth about $12 and the Yuan- Ti Malison is a rare and worth about $20 so I got quite lucky! I am very happy with the sculpt and the paint job on the Fire Giant. I am just worried about the Fire Giant’s hammer since it is a tad bent. The smaller figures are OK too. Overall they are all much better than the Heroclix figures I got lately.

I honestly don’t play much RPGs lately and I haven’t played D&D in like a year. When I do get to play RPGs I tend to DM Fate one shots but here is the beauty with Fate. You can make any story work in the Fate system and it is a sure bet I will work a Fire Giant in my next one shot!

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Pokemon TCG: Sword & Shield – Darkness Ablaze Pack Break and First Thoughts

Pokemon TCG cards have always been fun to collect and I recently got back to playing again. Darkness Ablaze is the newest Pokemon TCG set and it has me excited. Night March was my favorite deck when I played in tournaments and it is back and better than ever with Mad Party. It has the same mechanic of trying to get as many Night March/ Mad Party Pokemon in the discard pile. Plus the Mad Party has the Alice of Wonderland theme which is huge plus for me. There is also a darkness theme in the set which is also pretty exciting.

I split a booster box of Darkness Ablaze so I have 18 packs. Here are my pulls.

Pokemon TCG Darkness Ablaze Pulls

I got a Centiskorch V, Scizor V and Salamence V full art. Centiskorch V and Salamence V is likely to see play but Scizor V is not a good card. I also pull a foil Decidueye, Glimwood Tangle and Bunnelby and a bunch of other staples like Turbo Patch, Piers, Rose and Rose Tower. There are no playsets of any card though. What I am a little sad about is that I only pulled 5 of the 16 Mad Party Pokemon I need so I am very far from building that deck.

But on Pokemon TCG Online I got a lot more luck I just bought 5 packs with my pokecoins and I pulled a Crobat V and Grimmsnarl V. Crobot V is probably the chase card of the set and after I pulled that I felt like I didn’t need to open any more packs. One great thing about buying Pokemon TCG packs is that they come with codes which give you packs on the Pokemon TCG online platform which is then used as the currency to trade for singles. I used some of those packs to trade for the cards I needed to play the Mad Party deck online. I have been playing with it for a couple of hours now and it is such much fun but quite difficult to play. Even when making mistakes here and there I have about a 75% win rate right now!

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Yu-Gi-Oh Repack: 4 Rares, 3 Foils, 2 Booster Packs, 2 Legendary Packs, 1 Deck & 1 Storage Cube

I was shopping at a Target I don’t usually go to and of course I had to check out the card section. This Yu-Gi-Oh repack caught my eye. It has a bunch of stuff for $20: 4 rare cards, 3 foil cards, 2 booster packs, 2 “legendary” packs, 1 sealed deck and 1 storage cube. You can see a pack of Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon, a pack of Invasion of Chaos and the cards Heraldic Beast Amphisbaena and Mecha Phantom Beast Jaculuslan through the cube. Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon and Invasion of Chaos is two of the earliest sets of Yu-Gi-Oh but I am pretty sure they are a reprint of some sort.

Yu Gi Oh Repack Storage Cube

Whats Inside the Yu Gi Oh Repack Storage Cube

So I got x2 Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon, a Invasion of Chaos and a Shining Victories for my packs, I got Heraldic Beast Amphisbaena, Mecha Phantom Beast Jaculuslan, P.M. Captor, x2 Moon Dance Ritual, Heraldic Beast Twin- Headed Eagle and Swarm of Crows for my loose cards and the Phantom Knights deck from the Legendary Hero Decks collection.

All four packs have a 2017 copyright so they are definitely not from their original printings. Still they are cool packs to own and I think I am going to keep them sealed for now.

None of the loose cards excite me and I already own the Phantom Knights deck. Still it is good to have extra copies of some of the stronger cards especially some of the better extra deck cards. The deck as the whole always confused me. The deck has sort of a Level 3 XYZ theme but it goes all over the place. The two of the cards in deck are banned, The Phantom Knights of Rusty Bardiche and Number 86: Heroic Champion – Rhongomyniad and the Phantom Knights trap cards all have a ton of text so that doesn’t help.

All in all, I am really happy to have gotten this repack. I may open the packs later but I just know the packs are worth more sealed than opened…

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What’s Inside the Pokemon TCG Trainer’s Toolkit?

Since I can’t meet up in person for board games anymore I have been doing a lot of gaming online. Board Game Arena has been an invaluable resource and I highly recommend it. But I have been also playing a lot of Pokemon TCG online and Yugioh Duel Links. One product I have been eyeing to help with my Pokemon TCG decks both online and with physical cards is the Pokemon TCG Trainer’s Toolkit.

Pokemon TCG Trainers Toolkit

Pokemon TCG Trainers Toolkit Contents

The Pokemon TCG Trainer’s Toolkit comes with x2 of most staple cards in the Standard format. The biggest inclusions include Dedenne-GX and Boss’s Orders. Basically every deck plays them. It also has a nice box for decks, counters, dice, sleeves, some alternate art cards, 4 packs and a code to have all this stuff on Pokemon TCG Online.

Pokemon TCG Trainer Toolkit Cards

Here is what I pulled from the packs.

Pokemon TCG Pack Pulls

I didn’t pull anything too exciting. I did get two Ninetales and I can now build the gimmicky deck that plays Burning Scarf, Arcanine and Ninetales. But it definitely not a strong deck but it could be fun.

All in all, I play a bunch of different TCGs and I have never seen a product that includes so much for playing competitively!

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Free RPG Day: Level 1 An Indie RPG Anthology

Free RPG Day played a big part of me getting into RPGs so I was very happy it wasn’t canceled this year. Unfortunately I am unable to meet in person to play RPGs right now (and probably for some time) so I was looking for something a little different. It has to be a rules light, story first system that is faced paced with little upkeep so that it can be played in a Discord chatroom. The system I have been using is a Fate Accelerated system but the problem is the aspect mechanic. Playing in a chatroom, it is very easy to lose track of all the aspects created. Anyways I was looking at the offerings for Free RPG Day this year and Level 1, an Indie RPG anthology with 15 games seemed promising.

Level 1 Indie RPG Anthology

One thing I really hate is reading RPG rulebooks. I usually have to slog through it but Level 1 is actually fun read. There are a lot of weird games there though (which can be a good thing). You can role play as dice and their relationships, migrating birds in space, algae in a tank or moose on psychedelic mushrooms. There is also some interesting mechanics like a social deduction game that remind of the kids game 7 Up but of course in a Hellevator and a game that ends with a game of liar’s dice. I am unlikely to play most of them but one I want to try is Savage Sisters which uses the Polymorph system.

Basically in the Polymorph system each player only rolls one type of dice for the whole game, d4, d6, d8 or d10 and this represents the different classes so you don’t really need a stat sheet. Basically there are four types of challenges which pairs well with one of the four types of dice. If a player hits a target number it succeeds and if not they fail. For example, a wisdom test (called book) target numbers are 2 and 3 so a d4 has the biggest advantage here and on the other hand a constitution test (called bones) the target numbers are 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 so a d10 has the biggest advantage. Also a 1 always succeeds so you always have a shot. It is quite clever and of course, there are more rules but that is the main selling point.

All in all, for me Free RPG Day is another huge success and I can’t wait to try and tinker with the Polymorph system with my own setting and stories.

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What’s Inside the Pokemon TCG Galar Pal Yamper & Morpeko Mini Tin?

I picked up this Pokemon TCG Galar Pal Yamper & Morpeko Mini Tin along with my groceries the other day. Yamper and Boltund are among my favorite pokemons in the newest generation. Here is what is inside the tin.

Pokemon TCG Galar Pal Yamper & Morpeko Mini Tin

What's Inside Pokemon TCG Galar Pal Yamper & Morpeko Mini Tin

It comes with a coin, an art card of the Yamper and Morpeko and two Pokemon packs, Sword and Shield and Evolutions. The art card is a little bent at the corner since the tin has rounded corners and if you collect all five Galar pal tins you can complete the big picture.

Pokemon TCG Galar Pal Yamper & Morpeko Mini Tin Pulls

Here are my pulls. I am pretty happy with the Torkoal V and I pulled a couple of useful cards to build decks with. As for the tin, I wouldn’t use it for Pokemon cards (because I can worried the rounded corner can damage the cards) but it may be useful to repackage a smaller card game like say No Thanks.

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Yu-Gi-Oh Manga Promos

I have had some more free time lately so I have been trying to read more. One thing on my reading list has been the Yu-Gi-Oh mangas. I got all of Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal and most of Yu-Gi-Oh Arc-V. One cool thing about these mangas is they all come with a promo card. You just have to be careful. People often take these promos so you have to double check that the manga is sealed. One shop near me though sells most of these mangas for like $1 without the promos so I can get those to read and buy rest to fill the holes. Here are the Yu-Gi-Oh promos cards that I have gotten recently.

Yu-Gi-Oh Manga Promos

Most of them are boss monsters for a deck and seem fun to play. I wonder I can build a deck that plays all of them…

Anyways, I finished reading Zexal. It was a fun read. It was fast paced and there were bunch of weird duelists that kept the story from being too serious. I am slogging through Arc-V though. I am about half way through and it is just not clicking with me. It is a bit confusing and it has a lot of themes I have seen elsewhere in other Yu-Gi-Oh story lines. Maybe I have to read something else and get back to it to give it a fair shot.

Also on a side note, I just started the Arc-V anime and I find it a bit slow too. But I would love to see Konami try to bring action dueling to real life. I can just imagine people running all over the place to get action cards in a tournament.

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