An Interesting Rookie Card from a Baseball Card Repack

I needed to buy a cheap item to use a coupon the other day and I couldn’t think of a better item than some baseball cards! This is the repack that has 80 baseball cards, 1 pack and 1 in 4 chance of a hit. You see them a lot in stores like Duane Reade and Rite Aid.

Baseball Cards from a Repack

You have to expect a lot of 1980’s and 1990’s cards in these repacks but sprinkled in are some interesting rookie cards and some cards from weird sets like random minor league ones and my repack is no exception. I pulled a Wilson Alvarez minor league card, Jeff Cirillo, Grant Balfour and Zach Davies rookie cards, all from different sets. The most interesting card of this bunch though is this rookie card of Fausto Carmona.

Fausto Carmona Rookie Card Front and Back

The name didn’t ring a bell to me so I wikipedia it and I found out he is really Roberto Hernández. I vaguely remember this being the news on SportsCenter. Long story short he lied about his name and about his age to the Cleveland Indians. What is interesting about this card is it obviously came before all this was revealed so it uses his false identy including his fake birthday of December 7, 1983. (He is in fact 3 years older.) So in sense this is a rookie card of a player that never existed??

My pack in the box in a 1991 Donruss Baseball Series 2 and I didn’t pull anything in that worth talking about.

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Pokemon TCG: Flareon 3 Pack Blister, Polteageist V Box, Copperajah V Box & Zamazenta V Tin

I have a couple of Pokemon TCG packs left over from Christmas. I have 3 packs from a Flareon promo blister, 4 packs from a Polteageist V Box, 4 packs from a Copperajah V Box, and 5 packs from a Zamazenta V tin.

Pokemon TCG Pulls from a Blister Box and Tin

Pokemon TCG Pulls from Copperajah V Box

I pulled a few of staples that I still needed but for me I was just looking for foil trainers, secret rares, Vs and V Maxes from these sets. I did OK and pulled a Salamence V from the Flareon blister, a Cinderace V and a foil Sonia from the Polteageist V box, an Aolan Ninetales GX and Falinks V from the Copperajah V Box and a Ninetails V from the Zamazenta V tin.

I have two Standard Pokemon TCG decks now (a Sirfetch’d V deck with Bea and a Turbo Zacian deck now with a Zamazenta V) but I have no idea when I can play them in person. Probably not for awhile. Of course I can play similar decks online and I just got a bunch of digital packs to trade to get the cards I need.

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What’s Inside the Board Game Booster Mystery Box?

Pax Unplugged is easily my favorite convention of the year and I am still sad it was canceled. I had big plans this year too including renting out a huge Airbnb apartment so I can play board games with my friends from around the country all weekend. But all that feels so weird just thinking about it now. Anyways I wanted to get a little taste of my Pax Unplugged experience. I can’t resist mystery boxes so every year I get a Board Game Booster mystery box and they were selling these mystery boxes online this year. I actually picked it up about a month ago but wanted to opened on Christmas as a little gift to myself after a tough year.

Board Game Booster Mystery Box

It is guaranteed 4 board games and it can be anything!

100 Swords Red Deck

AssassinCon and Leaders of Euphoria

Ortus Regni Board Game

The four games I got are 100 Swords (with 4 promos cards and a small expansion), Leaders of Euphoria: Choose a Better Oppressor, Ortus Regni and AssassinCon. I haven’t heard of any of these games so I had to look them up on Board Game Geek. The game I am probably going to try first is 100 Swords. It is a tiny deck builder with a dungeon crawl theme and it can be play with 1 or 2 players. Leaders of Euphoria is a retheme of Good Cop Bad Cop which is probably one of the very few social deduction games I like. Ortus Regni is a massive game and it is described as “a deck-design game, rather than a deck-building game” with a medieval theme. It is the most complicated game of the bunch so I don’t know when I will get to play it. Finally the game I am least excited about is AssassinCon, a hidden identity deduction game with elimination but it seems like a light, easy to learn game so I am willing to give it a shot.

Overall I am very happy with the games I got with this Board Game Booster mystery box.

I hope everyone is having a very happy holiday. Fingers crossed crossed for a better 2021!


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What’s Inside the NECA Superhero Blind Bag?

I have been seeing these NECA superhero blind bags and other similar mystery bags for $9.99 for quite some time now. I did a little research on them and they are mostly Lootcrate toys and collectibles. It has 1 big item and 3 smaller items which they claim is worth over $25. I really tried to talk myself out of them but my curiosity got the better of me. I just can’t resist blind bags, mystery boxes and the like and I was always so tempted to check out Lootcrate. I never did though so this is my little taste of what a Lootcrate opening could have been.

NECA Superhero Blind Bag

There were a few blind bags at the Best Buy and I picked this one out of the bunch. It had a big item that was almost too big for the bag and it was soft…

Hulk Plush, Thor Pin, Hydra Pin, Superman Batman Wallet

So my big item is a Hulk Kidrobot Phunny plush, a Superman vs Batman Mighty Wallet, a Thor pin and a Hydra symbol pin (which they are calling a prop replica). I am very happy with my blind bag. I have watched a couple of openings of these blind bags on Youtube and I know I could have done A LOT worse. I think the Hulk plush is worth $10 alone since it is a Kidrobot item but my favorite thing of the bunch is the Mighty Wallet. I have a few of these already but they are fun collectibles to me. I use to find them everywhere for sale but now it is a lot harder to find.

All in all, I have no regrets getting this which is a win in my book when it comes to blind bags/ mystery boxes!

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Stand Out Autos: Matt & Nick Jackson Signed Book – Killing the Business

Barnes & Noble have been offering an interesting selection of signed books the last couple of Black Fridays and this year one book stood out to me. It is the Young Bucks’ (Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson) book Killing the Business – From Backyards to the Big Leagues. Here it is signed!

Killing the Business Young Bucks Signed Book

Young Bucks Matt and Nick Jackson Autographs

I have been a fan of the Young Bucks ever since they were known as Generation Me in TNA feuding with my favorite tag team of all time the Motor City Machine Guns. They have some great matches. It is just too bad they didn’t become bigger stars in TNA. They are now of course huge stars in AEW which I watch every week.

Here is a thought. The Motor City Machine Guns recently reformed in TNA now known as Impact Wrestling and it has been hinted that Impact and AEW may have some sort of partnership. Perhaps we can have one more Young Bucks vs MCMG match in the near future?

I am very excited to read the book!

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Local Comic Shop Day Variant Comics

Everything is a little different this year and I am surprised to find today is Local Comic Shop Day. It is known for its variant comics, events and signings (although there are probably not many events this year).

I got a stack of comics today just to have something to do in case New York is in lockdown again. I saw my local comic book shop had most of the Local Comic Shop Day variant comics still available and I picked up the two that caught my eye.

Spawn 312 Local Comic Shop Day

X Men X of Swords Destruction Local Comic Shop Day Variant

I honestly haven’t read any Spawn comics in probably 10- 15 years but for a $3 variant I decided to give it a go. It is probably one of the longest running series not with Marvel and DC. Also Magik is probably in my top 10 favorite comic characters right now so the X Of Swords Destruction #1 variant was a no brainer even though I haven’t been following the X Of Swords series which this comic is the finale.

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My Haul from Flying Tiger Copenhagen

Another store that I am sad to see go is Flying Tiger Copenhagen, a home, toys and knick knacks store. It is always a ton of fun to see what weird items they have but they are unfortunately closing every store in the United States. I wanted to go there one last time before the store closed and they had an insane deal. Every item in the store was only $0.50! (But the lines to get in were massive. It took me 2 hours to get in and I was one of the last people to get in before the store closed for the day.)

Haul from Flying Tiger Copenhagen

I bought a bunch of random stuff but these are the items I am most excited about. I got two games that look fun, two decks of cards (always useful), a couple of stuff to hopefully organize my board game collection and two locks I am thinking about to use for my escape room in the box games that I make. I have only tinkered with the football game so far and it is a fun fidget device. It is definitely worth $0.50!

[Update: I just went back to Flying Tiger Cophenhagen and got lucky. They just restocked when I got in and I got a bunch more games.]

Flying Tiger Games

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Mega Construx Destiny Hive Horde Attack Set – RPG Scenery?

I have something a little different today. There is a big Century 21 that is just a short walk away from me and as you probably heard in the news, they are unfortunately going out of business. There were massive lines to get in the first couple of weeks after the news broke but I finally made my way to see what was left. This was my big purchase from those sales.

Mega Construx Destiny Hive Horde Attack Set

I have been always wary of Lego and the like. I know I would love collecting them and they can be quite the money sink… but I got a good price on this set. I also never played Destiny and know nothing about its lore but I was looking at this set and I think I can use them as scenery and minis for my RPG campaign. It has a cyberpunk western theme and takes place in a wasteland. I am envisioning a story based around a crashed satellite and your team was tasked in retrieving some invaluable tech before someone else does but it isn’t without peril. There have been reports of mutants cyborgs roaming in the wasteland. Who created them and for what purpose?

Mega Construx Destiny Hive Horde Attack Set Built

All in all it was fun to build and this set got my creative juices flowing. Though honestly I have been spending more time planning for my next RPG sessions than actually running them lately.

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Random Pack Break: 2019 Topps Baseball Update Series Hanger Pack

So I went back to the same discount store that I found some repacks for $2 in hopes to find some more baseball cards and I was in luck! I found a hanger pack of 2019 Topps Baseball Update Series for $2 too. It has 67 cards which includes 6 exclusive yellow base parallels and 2 perennial all-stars inserts.

2019 Topps Baseball Update Series

2019 Topps Series Update Rookies and Parallels

2019 Topps Series Update Inserts

The Topps Baseball Update Series definitely has a lot of rookies cards because it includes all the mid season rookie call ups. I think in my pack there were just about as many rookie cards as there were non rookie cards. One thing it is also known for is its short print variations are they are so annoying to look for. I don’t think I pulled any but they are easy to miss. My best pulls may be the 35th anniversary inserts of Will Smith and Austin Riley 187/299 (although this card has a dented corner) and the Yusei Kikuchi rookie card which is going in my PC binder.

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Baseball Card Repack Break: Baseball Prime Pack

I was surprised to find baseball cards at a discount store near me. It was with a bunch of other card game like UNO, Skip Bo etc. I got the Jeopardy card game for my trivia night and two baseball card repacks, Baseball Prime Packs. The Baseball Prime Pack has 1 hobby baseball pack, 2 other baseball packs and a bonus card.

Baseball Card Repack Baseball Prime Pack

Both repacks had the same packs. I got 2 packs of 2018 Topps Allen & Ginter, 2 packs of 2018 Topps Big League and 2 packs of 2018 Topps Baseball Series One Hobby. The two bonus cards are Anthony Rizzo and David Price from 2018 Topps Baseball Series One.

Baseball Prime Pack Pulls

Allen & Ginter is still my favorite baseball card set. I was hoping for some quirky cards that A&G is known for but instead I pulled an Aaron Judge World Talent insert and a Willie McCovey Fantasy Goldmine insert. The David Ortiz mini is an A&G logo back variant and I think the Tim Beckham is a black bordered variant. I got a Corey Kluber parallel 037/100 from the Big Leagues packs and it is probably my biggest pull. Finally, I got a Clint Frazier rookie card and couple of inserts from the Topps base set packs.

All in all, I wish I can find more baseball cards at this price. The packs were fun to open.


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