Pokemon TCG: Crown Zenith Regidrago V Collection Box

I got a Pokemon TCG Crown Zenith Regieleki V box two weeks ago and today I got the other Crown Zenith V box, the Regidrago one. It has the Regidrago V promo card, 4 Crown Zenith and a bunch of extras.

I guess my luck averages out between my two Crown Zenith V boxes. I just pulled a Keldeo and a Bidoof character rare. Both are gorgeous cards though. I actually want to get another Bidoof character rare so I can play it in some of my decks. It is the best Bidoof to pair with Bibarel by far. Luckily my pulls on PTCGO with the codes were a lot better.

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Thrift Store Haul: Santorini New York, The Resistance & A Bunch More Board Games!

I haven’t had a thrift store haul in awhile but I like looking at thrift stores for board games a couple of weeks after the holidays. I have had a lot of luck with some good thrift store finds then. I theorize that people are donating games due to getting more for the holidays and they just don’t have the space.

So I went to Goodwill a couple of times this week and they actually had a decent selection of board games and a ton of puzzles. I almost left with Castle Panic for $2 but I didn’t have space in my bag at the time and I already own Munchkin Castle Panic. But I did leave with a few games during my trips including Santorini New York for $2.

I am kind of mixed on Santorini. I have had some really fun plays of the game but I find if both players are very good at the game, it can become a slog (but I am not sure what changes are in the New York version).Still this is a gorgeous game and I think it would be a perfect board game for my Bryant Park board game meetup.

I also picked up King of the Beasts Mythological Edition and Dead’s Man’s Treasure for $2 each.

I admit I bought these two games solely because they are Reiner Knizia games. He tends to make games that are simple to learn but has enough meaningful decisions to make the game interesting. I am probably going to bring these games to my next board game meetup and have a Reiner Knizia themed night.

Finally I picked up The Resistance and Pop Tarts card game mostly because they were just $1 each. The Resistance is a super popular game even though I don’t like social deduction games and Pop Tart is a fun theme so I suspect they would be easy to sell, trade or donate to a friend if I don’t get to play them.

So all in all this haul is 3 board games and 2 card games for $8. You can’t beat that! Plus all the games were complete and in good shape. I don’t think I would get another haul like this until maybe next January…

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Pokemon TCG: Crown Zenith Regieleki V Collection Box | Big Pulls!

Sword & Shield will always be high when ranking Pokemon TCG eras/ series for me since it was when I came back to the game and when I collected and played the game the most. Crown Zenith is the final set of the Sword and Shield series. There aren’t many new cards in this set but it does have a lot of pretty cards. Today, I have a Pokemon TCG Crown Zenith Regieleki V collection box. It has 1 promo Regieleki V, 1 random Regidrago card, 1 oversized card and 4 packs of Crown Zenith.

Wow this is probably my best V box ever! Charizard is usually the most expensive card in the set and I pulled both Charizard V and Radiant Charizard. The Radiant Charizard has to be a top 5 card in terms of value and desirability for Crown Zenith. The Dunsparce character rare, Friends in Hisui full art and the Raihan signature card are all very pretty. I am sure I can even find room for the Dunsparce and Raihan in my decks. As a little bonus, I also pulled a Rayquaza V. That is a lot of hits from just 4 packs!

Like I suspected, I got a lot of pretty cards from this set. Even the common trainer cards have very nice artwork. I am not sure I even want to get anymore boxes of Crown Zenith since I know none with top this one. This is like when I should have stop after my first box of Pokemon Go. I pulled a Radiant Charizard from the first Pokemon Go box and every other box has been a disappointment.


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Pokemon TCG: Quaxly Paldea Collection Box

Today I got my first taste of the Pokemon from the Scarlet and Violet series with this Pokemon TCG Quaxly Paldea collection box. It has a Quaxly promo, a Quaxly pin, Fuecoco & Sprigatito cards, a Koraidon ex oversize card and 4 packs (2x Brilliant Stars and 2x Silver Tempest).

I got a Houndoom character rare and a Mawile V. They are not the most valuable cards in their sets but they are pretty cards.

The Sword and Shield era is when I got back to the Pokemon TCG so I will miss it but at the same time I am very excited to see the changes the Scarlet and Violet era will bring!

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Marshalls After Holidays Sale | Board Games & Lego Sets

I have had a lot of luck with good deals from the Marshalls/ TJ Maxx after holidays sale. This year was no different although I did notice that good deals have been snatched much quicker compared to last year.

First off I picked up a Raccoon Tycoon for $10 and Stupid Deaths for $4. Raccoon Tycoon is a stock market game that I have been eying since it was released and Stupid Deaths seems like a fun time filler type game.

Board games I can wait usually for better deals but in general, I can’t wait so long for Lego sets. But still this year I gotten a couple of good deals. I got the massive Lego Luigi’s Mansion Haunt and Set set (71401) for $44, a Super Mario expansion, Bowser Jr’s Clown Car (71396) for $10 and Lego Stuntz Rocket Stunt Bike (60298) for $4.50.


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Pokemon TCG: Infernape V Box and Charmander Pokemon Go Box

I noticed it is beginning to get harder to find Pokemon cards again and my LGS told me they won’t be able to reordered packs/ boxes for the time being. That being said, today I have a fire theme going and got a Infernape V box and a Charmander Pokemon Go box. The Infernape V box has a Infernape V promo, a random Empoleon card, 4 packs (2 Lost Origin, 1 Astral Radiance and 1 Fusion Strike. The Charmander Pokemon Go Box has a Charmander promo, 3 Pokemon Go packs and a pin.

I got an Aerodactyl V, Radiant Hisuian Sneasler and Mew VMax. Mew VMax is pretty much the only reason to open Fusion Strike packs but the value did plummet after the Mew deck came out. It is still a very pretty card. I haven’t been lucky at all with Pokemon Go packs though. I pulled an Articuno, 2 Moltres, 1 Pikachu and probably the only card I need 1 Gyarados.

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Tabletop Gaming Haul: Dungeons & Dragons Books, Azul and Other Board Games!

I have a couple good deals on RPG books and board games the last month or so.

First off I got It’s Shop N Time for $2 at a Goodwill. It is a Price is Right style drafting game and looks interesting.

Amazon has some good deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday and I got the Volo’s Guide to Monsters and a Dungeons & Dragons metalfigs set mostly for the beholder mini. Volo’s Guide is quickly becoming my favorite DnD book. It has more interesting monsters than the Monster Manuel and I already have use a couple of them in my campaign.

Barnes & Nobles also had an insane deal, 50% off all hardcover books and board games (not including collectible card games). I wasn’t expecting this after Christmas deal and I picked up Azul. It is quickly becoming one of my favorite games and even though a couple of people in my board game group own it already I wanted one for my collection. I also got The Lord of the Rings Journey of Mordor, a roll and write game. Finally I wanted to get just one more DnD book and after some research I decided to pick up Journey to the Radiant Citadel. It is a series of loosely connected one shots so I think it perfect to use and get inspire by for my homebrew. My friends all picked up a bunch of games at Barnes & Noble since you don’t see these prices for any of the newer games anytime soon.

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Pokemon TCG: Brilliant Stars and Astral Radiance Elite Trainer Boxes

I got these Pokemon TCG Brilliant Stars and Astral Radiance Elite Trainer boxes for Christmas. These boxes comes with 8 packs and a bunch of extras.

When it comes to pulls, the Brilliant Stars ETB is one of the worst I ever opened. I pulled only one hit Whimsicott V and didn’t even pull many staple cards useful for deck building. Worst yet, I noticed like about 5 cards in the box to be severely miscut. Look at the Collapsed Stadium for an example. Not good.

The Astral Radiance ETB was a bit better. I got two hits out of the box, a Piers full art and Oranguru V. I also got a bunch of staple cards I needed to build decks like Gutsy Pickaxe, Trekking Shoes, Diancie and some of the Regis. I also did notice that about 2 cards are miscut but this time with the top and bottom alignment.

All in all, my pulls were only OK and the Piers full art is my favorite card of the bunch. It is a very pretty card. I am also excited about pulling the last few Regis I needed and some of the more useful trainer cards from the Astral Radiance set.

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Random Pack Break: Kamigawa Neon Dynasty, Dragon Ball Saiyan Showdown Boosters & More!

I was just shopping around and looking for deals the other day and I got 2 packs of Kamigawa Neon Dynasty ninja theme boosters from Barnes & Noble for $5 each, 1 booster pack of Dragon Ball Saiyan Showdown for just $2 and a Scarlet Witch Marvel Champions deck for $5 from Gamestop. I honestly don’t play Magic the Gathering or Dragon Ball Super Card Game anymore and I have never played Marvel Champions but I figure they will be fun packs to open.

Kamigawa Neon Dynasty is still my favorite recent Magic set and it is the only Magic product I still buy (on sale or not). I really love the lore and characters from the set. I knew there was always a chance but this is the first time I pull an extra rare from a theme booster. I also didn’t know you can pull showcase card from these packs. Anyways I have a mono red deck centered around these cards already and with these two ninjas theme booster I hope to be a casual deck around ninjas too.

I really enjoy the Dragon Ball Super Card game but it is really hard find players for a 2 player card games especially TCGs. The game though have some amazing looking cards. The Kaio-Ken Son Goku, Decisive Battle is a special rare and the card really pops in person. I am also pretty excited about the Fin, Apocalyptic Absorption card to as it can be a start of a new deck.

As for Marvel Champions, it looks like I have a deck and I have to see what else I need to play a game. It is honestly a game I have heard about but don’t know much about. But Scarlet Witch is one of my favorite Marvel characters especially after Wandavision so I thought at a very least it can be a fun collectible.

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Pokemon TCG: Another Silver Tempest Build and Battle Box

I went to the Silver Tempest prerelease a few weeks ago and it was so much fun that my friends and I decided to pick up more Silver Tempest build and battle boxes to play that sealed format again.

I pulled a Zeraora V character rare and a Serperior V. Unfortunately when it comes to deck building, the Zeraora V is unplayable and Serperior V is honestly one of the weaker Vs. Out of the 4 mini decks you can get, Gardevoir is not bad and the best if you are looking for a consistent deck but Archeops is the weakest one (despite being the best card in standard out of the 4) since it is so hard to play stage 2 and you are forced to play bad cards to make the gimmick work. The other two mini decks though are very strong, Sunflora and Rapidash. That is why I like this sealed format so much, 3 out of the 4 mini decks are fun to play and quite flexible.

The deck I built is a little weird. It has a lot of good draw and search cards but it was lacking good attackers and lacked any energy acceleration. Sunflora is very strong in this format from experience so I had to play a weird 2-1 Braixen line just to have another attacker that can one hit Sunflora. I really try to look for something else but didn’t have any other options. Out of the four players in our little mini tournament, I was in the middle of the pack. A Sunflora deck with Reshiram V won in the end. That deck had Reshiram V and Smeargle to accelerate energy and the Sunflora can pretty much OHKO any pokemon including Vs.

Afterwards, I decided to build a Standard Sunflora deck too. I based by deck around LittleDarkFury‘s list but made a few changes. I switched out the Snorlax for a Miltank to buy the deck some more time and switched out the Minccino line for a 3 Ralts/ 3 Kirlia/ 1 Gallade line. Ralts can stall some decks and Gallade can search for supporters.


4 Sunkern
3 Sunflora
1 Gossifleur
1 Eldegoss
3 Ralts
3 Kirlia
1 Gallade
1 Miltank
1 Drapion V
1 Radiant Charizard


4 Level Ball
3 Quick Ball
1 Evolution Incense
1 Ordinary Rod
1 Rescue Carrier
4 Energy Retrieval
2 Air Balloon
2 Choice Belt
3 Training Court
2 Professor’s Research
2 Klara
2 Bird Keeper
2 Serena
1 Boss’s Orders


4 Twin Energy
2 Double Turbo Energy
3 Fire Energy
2 Psychic Energy

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