2015 Topps Road to Wrestlemania Blaster Break

I have today a blaster of 2015 Topps Road to Wrestlemania.

I have to be honest Road to Wrestlemania is not one my favorite sets. The previous year’s product was kind of blah and not much seems to have changed this year. (The hits in the set are also kind of blah for the record.) One thing about this set is in a blaster and probably in a hobby box too you get almost as many inserts as base cards. The inserts are about what you expect: a ton of Rock cards, a ton of John Cena cards, highlights of past Wrestlemanias and Hall of Famers. My favorite of the bunch are the bizarre Wrestlemania matches inserts. You also get a blue parallel every other pack.

Topps Road to Wrestlemania

Topps Road to Wrestlemania Inserts

Topps Road to Wrestlemania Parallels

Every blaster comes with a relic card and I pulled

Dolph Ziggle Relic Card

a Dolph Ziggler shirt card. I honestly find Dolph Ziggle boring but at least this relic card doesn’t have the usual boring white swatch.

WWE Legends seems to have a rough time as a late. Hulk Hogan is probably the biggest name to be in the news and he is all over this product. He is on every box, on a few hits, a few base cards and he is even has his own insert set.

Topps Road to Wrestlemania Hulk Hogan

Unfortunately now he is scrubbed from the WWE Universe and I wonder will we finally have a break from all the Hulk Hogan cards. Between the WWE cards and the TNA cards I have a ton and I mean a ton of random Hulk Hogan cards. Speaking of which, guess who else has a card in this set

Topps Road to Wrestlemania Jimmy Superfly Snuka

Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka. He too is being erased from the WWE Universe.

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Another 2012- 13 Panini Prestige Basketball Blaster Break

So I was back in the bargain bin and I found this blaster of 2012- 13 Panini Prestige Basketball. Cutting to the chase, I pulled a Russell Westbrook jersey card!

Russell Westbrook Jersey Card

Not bad. The rest of the cards in the blaster is just base cards and an insert here and there.

2012 13 Panini Prestige

The only other card of note is probably the Klay Thompson rookie card. I can’t be too disappointed with the pulls though especially I got this blaster for sale.

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2013 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Had Some Interesting Cards

I picked up this blaster of 2013 Upper Deck Goodwin Champion for 40% off and this set definitely had some interesting cards.

2013 UD Goodwin Champions

2013 UD Goodwin Champions 2

2013 UD Goodwin Champions minis

I love how Tim Tebow seems to be playing football in the middle of forest fire… Anyways, I got a lot of base cards and my best pull is probably the Dan Marino Lady Luck mini.

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MTG Brewer: Dragon Stompy for Modern

Modern season is fast approaching. Looking to attack the Modern meta at a different angle? Try this deck I have been playing around with.

Dragon Stompy:

4 Blood Moon
2 Magus of the Moon
3 Chalice of the Void
2 Fulminator Mage
2 Avalanche Riders

4 Anger of the Gods
4 Draconic Roar
2 Dismember

4 Thunderbreak Regent
3 Stormbreath Dragon
2 Chandra, Pyromaster

4 Simian Spirit Guide
3 Desperate Ritual
2 Gemstone Caverns
19 Mountains

Dragon Stompy

3 Relic of Progenitus
2 Ingot Chewer
1 Boil
2 Combust
2 Spellskite
1 Fulminator Mage
2 Pyroclasm
1 Chalice of the Void
2 Dragon’s Claw

Dragon Stompy is a old school Legacy deck that didn’t really translate to Modern because the lack of Sol Ring lands. You can still get a turn 1 or 2 Chalice of the Void and/ or Blood Moon with Simian Spirit Guide, Desperate Ritual and Gemstone Caverns though (but probably not as reliably). After you get the soft lock in, it really doesn’t matter how you win the game. I like the dragons package because because the dragons can sort of protect themselves. Also since you don’t want to play Lightning Bolt in deck (since it can be lock out with a Chalice on 1), it makes Dragonic Roar a bit more attractive to play.

I was getting board with Zoo, Burn, Living End and Tron so this deck was a breath of fresh air to play.

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2015 Topps Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens Box Break

So I saw the latest Star Wars movie and I know it has mixed reviews but I thought it was awesome! I also saw boxes of 2015 Topps Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens on sale for $80 in my local hobby stores so it was a no brainer that this should be my first box break of 2016!

I should have enough cards in one box to complete the base set. I need to find the time to organize it. There were also a ton of parallels and inserts but a bunch of the inserts were doubles and even triples. For example, I pulled 3 of the Flametrooper foil insert cards. Anyways here are the pulls and the hits.

2015 Topps Journey to Star Wars The Force Awakens

I got a numbered foil parallel /150 of Yoda and autographs of Bai Ling (didn’t know she was in Star Wars) and of Nika Futterman.

Not bad. Can’t complain about pulling two autographs in a box. I was sure after pulling the first autograph that the other hit was going to be a manufactured patch card.

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Random Pack Break: 2015-16 Panini Prestige

My scanner is failing me again so this is going to be a quick post. This is a pretty sick pack of 2015-16 Panini Prestige that I got in Target…

2015-16 Panini Prestige

That is a Klay Thompson Freshman Flashback Jumbo memorabilia card which is an exclusive of some sort. I also pulled my first Kristaps Porzingis rookie card. Porzingis seems to be the steal of the draft and it is so weird because it is so rare for the Knicks to catch a break…

I also pulled a Frank Kaminsky acetate rookie card, a Trey Lyles rookie card and Timofey Mozgov, Henry Sims, Hassan Whiteside, Norris Cole, Jrue Holiday and Terrence Ross base cards.


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Recent Pickups: Chad Coleman Signed Graphic Novel

This is my Christmas gift to myself.

Chad Coleman Autograph

It is a Tread Water graphic novel signed by Chad Coleman, best known for his role as Tyreese in the Walking Dead. I kind of regretted not getting his autograph in New York Comic Con so this pickup was a no brainer!

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