Another Obscure Party Board Game: Flying Sushi Kitchen

I love gimmicky games and I found this at a Goodwill.

flying sushi kitchen

[Honestly I couldn’t take a good picture of the game so I took a picture from Instagram @thepandagirl_]

It is Flying Sushi Kitchen by Redwood Toys and it is another board game that I came across that is not on Board Game Geek (which is very rare). The game is pretty simple. The “sushi” are floating foam balls and you have to use chopsticks to move the sushi and possible some wasabi or ginger to your sushi tray. You get money for completing an order and first player to get $25 wins.

The positives are pretty obvious. The game is SOOO cute.

flying sushi

It is definitely an attention getter at game night. My friends and I may be just bad with chopsticks but the game is also a lot harder than it looks and seeing players struggle adds to the fun.

Now the negatives. The sushi can get damaged easily and once it is damaged it won’t float anymore. I actually had to go to an arts store and buy more 1 inch styrofoam balls to continue playing. I wish the game gave you extra sushi to work with.

Also I needed to house rule a couple of things. The rule book said if a sushi is dropped you had to reload it. It made the game tedious so I house ruled it so that you have to chase the sushi ball as long as it stays on the table. If it falls off the table, the sushi will be reloaded as normal. In addition, there is an all play card which all the players take part and if you drew the card and lost this challenge you get nothing so I house ruled that if an all play challenge is drawn, you get to draw another challenge card (after completing the all play challenge of course).

The game is also a bit repetitive and very random so it is really only a game you play once. It tries to mix things up by additional challenges like using your opposite hand or having to take off the chopstick trainer (which I don’t use to begin with) but it is not enough.

Flying Sushi Kitchen is not the only picking things up with chopsticks game (Chopstick Dexterity MegaChallenge 3000 comes to mind) and it is definitely not the first sushi game but it is an unique game in my collection and there aren’t a ton of board games like it. It is the perfect ice breaker so I say it is worth it if you can pick it up for a good price.


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I Love the AtGames Legends Flashback Console!

I got the AtGames Legends Flashback console for Christmas and I love it! AtGames in general has a lot of middling to negative reviews and the AtGames Legends Flashback was no different. The main problem was poor emulation for certain games (choppy video and choppy sound) and I admit it looked and sounded really bad at times. But with the latest update most of the problems seemed to be solved. All the games I have tried are emulated much better than in the Youtube reviews I have seen.

atgames legends flashback console

Anyways AtGames Legends Flashback has 50 games built in. A lot of them are arcade games with a few classic console games like Tetris and Mega Man sprinkled in. This collection is definitely an interesting mix. I have been getting into Data East games lately and this console has a bunch of them. It is how I discovered Edward Randy, the Cliffhanger.

If you are curious, here are my favorite games: 1) – Edward Randy, the Cliffhanger 2) – Bad Dudes vs Dragon-ninja 3) – Ghouls ‘n Ghost 4) – Crude Buster 5) – Phelios 6) – Secret Agent/ Sly Spy 7) – Strider 8) – Pirate Shop Higemaru 9) – Forgotten Worlds 10) – 1942. As you can see, I love beat ’em ups!

For $40, the AtGames Legends Flashback console is a bargain especially given that you get a rewind feature, save states and the ability to add your own Sega Genesis and I think NES roms to it. Just make sure you download and install the update.

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My Best of 2018 List: My Favorite Board Games, Video Games, Books & More!

I had a bunch of little things I wanted to blog about but they weren’t really worth a blog post by itself. Given that this year is about it end, this blog post kind of evolved to my best of 2018 list! It is super random and it really is just a bunch of things that I love in no particular order. These are my favorite board games, video games, books and more.


Dropmix Board and Cards

This year Dropmix seemed to be on sale everywhere. If you look you can get Dropmix for $40 or less. Dropmix is an unique card game where you are competing to create the best music remix. The competitive 1 vs 1 game has mixed reviews but I actually really enjoy it. I found it quite tactical and you can listen to music while your opponent is thinking about his next move. It is guaranteed to draw a crowd during game night.

Pax Unplugged

Pax Unplugged has surpassed New York Comic Con as my favorite convention. When New York Comic Con sells out it, you can barely move but when Pax Unplugged sells out you still feel like you can still do everything (play games, buy games, see panels etc) and Pax Unplugged is cheaper. I definitely am going try to attend Pax Unplugged all three days next year.

Star Realms

Honestly I didn’t give Star Realms a fair shake at first. There are so many deck building games and it looked too simple and random. But I got the app for free at Pax Unplugged and now it is my favorite way to kill time on my phone. It is very addictive and if I keep playing it so often, I will have to get some of the expansions…


Hearthstone has some flaws but it still replaced Magic: The Gathering for me. It is way cheaper (didn’t spend a cent this year) and it scratches the same itch. My favorite decks at the moment are a control-ish odd mage, deathrattle hunter and Reno Priest in wild.

Sleeping Giants

One of my New Year’s resolutions in 2018 is to read more and Sleeping Giants is easily my favorite book. Instead of a traditional story with a narrator, it is a bunch of interview transcripts and journal entries and it tells the story of how people will react and what they will sacrifice when a ground breaking discovery is about to be made. I don’t want to spoil it but I honestly couldn’t put the book down until it was finished. I highly, highly recommend it.

Fate Accelerated

Fate Accelerated

I was always interested in role playing games but I found Dungeons & Dragons a bit intimidating especially given that I would have to be the DM and it would be my group’s first RPG. I stumbled upon Fate Accelerated and it is exactly what I was looking for. The system is story first and rules later. You can teach the system is five minutes and the mechanics actually encourages everyone tell an awesome story together.

Boogie Wings

Boogie Wings

My Christmas gift to myself this year was a makeshift MAME setup. It is how I discovered Boogie Wings, an action packed side scrolling arcade game by Data East. The graphics and the music are all top notched. What I really love about Boogie Wings though is when your plane get shot down you actually continue the game on foot where you can find all sorts of crazy vehicles to ride like robots and elephants.

Epcot International Food & Wine Festival

Yea this list is super random. I go to Walt Disney World almost every year and my last trip is probably one of my favorites. A big reason why is the Food & Wine Festival. I got to try so many different cuisines and I also got to see High Valley live. The weather was perfect and I even got to see Illuminations: Reflections of Earth up close.

Ralph Breaks the Internet

My favorite movie of 2018 is Ralph Breaks the Internet. It is so much fun and I love how it was so meta. If Walt Disney World ever opens a Wreck It Ralph ride or attraction, I am so booking another trip…

Fallah Bahh

Wrestling had kind of a rough year. I found WWE, Ring of Honor and Impact Wrestling boring for stretches at a time. I am sure I am not the only one. But one wrestler I always found fun to watch was Fallah Bahh. I love how basically just rolls over people and I love how he is basically like a pokemon and can only say his name. I really believe wrestling is at is best when it isn’t treated so seriously.

Other things that I love in 2018: Battlebots, Splendor, Click Clack Lumberjack, Ticket to Ride New York, Codenames, The Cliffhanger Edward Randy, NBA Jam Tournament Edition, American Gods by Neil Gaiman, Peter & Max: A Fables Novel by Bill Willingham, Choose Your Adventure books, Universal Studios Orlando Mardi Gras, Dr Aphra comics, Ms Marvel comics and the USA Olympic Curling Team.

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Today I Learned That There Was a Senior Professional Baseball League…

I was going through my bulk baseball cards and these two cards caught my attention.

Senior Professional Baseball League Cards

I am surprised that A) – there was a senior professional baseball league and B) – someone made a baseball card set on it. Sports in general is kind of funny in that it is obsessed with youth. 9/10 times people seems to be more excited about a young prospect over a consistent but not exciting veteran. For example, would you rather have Carmelo Anthony or Markelle Fultz on your team? This is why I am not surprised that the Senior Professional Baseball League failed and in fact it failed half way into the second season. Not good. Both Sid Monge and Derrel Thomas’s wikipedia don’t even mention they played for the Senior Professional Baseball League.


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Awesomely, Awesome Board Games: Hackathon

Yulu has a line of toys, puzzles and games called Spy Code that I find a lot of fun. My first puzzle I got from this line was Break Free. In Break Free, you have to get out of a pair of handcuffs and it was quite ingenious. You have to guide your lock pick through a maze that is embedded your handcuffs. But the problem with this like a lot of puzzles is there is very little replayability. I wish there were more mazes to solve in the box.

Anyways, my big Black Friday purchase for myself this year was Hackathon and it is the best of game of this line. Hackathon doesn’t hide the fact that is inspired by (maybe copied) the fairly popular video game Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes. The tagline is even “keep talking to decode”. One advantage that Hackathon has though is it is physical thing that you can touch, tinker and interact with. VR can only go so far. Anyways in both Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes and Hackathon only one player can see the bomb/ computer and the other players have the manual with the information needed to defuse the bomb/ hack the computer. Good communication is the key. For example, A and C may be blinking and it is currently on mode 3 so the other players have to take those inputs and figure out through the manual’s puzzles that you have switch it to mode 2 and turn the key. It is a lot of fun and can be stressful with the clocking ticking down and the alarm going off.

Yulu Spy Code Hackathon

One problem I do foresee is that there may be replayability problems with Hackathon too. Since the puzzles never change, if you play with the same people, the players would eventually get too good at it. So some advantages of Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes are the ability to change the difficulty and the variety of game play and puzzles. Still Hackathon is very easily overlooked. It is more than a kids toy and can be a fun party game with the right crowd. Other games in the Spy Code line like Operation Escape Room and Safe Breaker intrigue me too and I will probably pick it up if I see it on sale.

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My Haul from Pax Unplugged 2018

Pax Unplugged is quickly becoming an annual tradition for me. Three days of board games? Yes please! Like any convention I go to, I wanted to buy way more games than I can carry…

First off I bought this Dice Tower playmat.

Dice Tower Playmat

I got Rooster Rush and Click Clack Lumberjack from Mayday Games. In Click Clack Lumberjack, you get to swing an ax to chop a tree down (it is like a cross between Jenga and Don’t Break the Ice) and it looks like a really fun kids game. I can’t wait to try it and probably the game I am most excited about.

Click Clack Lumberjack and Rooster Rush

A mystery box is a must for me in any convention and I got a Board Game Booster Box. The games that I got are Arkham Ritual, Creative Clash, Provincia Romana and two Jak and Poi decks. Honestly I haven’t heard of any of these games but Arkham Ritual looks interesting.

Board Game Booster Box

I also got a bunch of freebies and promos. I am very excited to get Button Men buttons and I really want to give Kids on Bike RPG a shot!

More Promos from PaxU

Button Men and Promos

Kids on Bikes One Shot

Finally the Exploding Kittens booth was a ton of fun. You get a random item for $1 and trust me, it is really random. My friends and I got a batch of asparagus, a corn with a fake mustache attached to it, sunglasses and a lei, a pool noodle that said ramen noodle and a watermelon that said this is art. It is really something to see my friend carrying a watermelon around the convention…

All in all, another good year (even though my back hurts from carrying so many games). I highly recommend Pax Unplugged for anyone interested in board games or role playing games and in the Northeast area.


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I Hate Commemorative Patch Cards

I hate commemorative patch cards. I bought a blaster of Topps The Walking Dead Season 8 Part 1 the other day. It guarantees one hit card and “hits include: costumes relics, autographs & sketch cards!” So when you read that your mind just races with all the possibilities.

Walking Dead Blaster

I honestly wasn’t expecting a commemorative patch card of Regina…

Regina Walking Dead Patch Card

I actually don’t mind if commemorative patch cards are bonuses in box but I absolutely hate the idea that these cards are “hits”. I do not think they are special or collectible and it is just so disappointing pulling a commemorative patch card, a bunch of base card and a few inserts scattered here and there from a $20 box. Plus to my knowledge, Topps is really the only one doing this. Not a fan.

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