Random Dungeons & Dragons and RPG Stuff That I Like

Here is a super random list of Dungeons and Dragons and Role Playing Games (RPG) stuff that I like. This include one-shots, world building, minis, etc.

I buy Itch.io bundles every now and then and they often have a ton of RPG materials. One that I really like is Toe Beans. Toe Beans is sort of like a magical Starbucks and this package has NPCs, monster stats, adventure hooks, ideas for encounters, magical items, etc. Also included is a lot of cute touches like a coffee shop style menu and loyalty cards that you can print out. You can still get the bundle which has Toe Beans and 33 other items.

I just bought this bundle (also still available). I am still going through it but Explorers of the Lost looks interesting and the Puzzle Dungeon: The Seers Sanctum looks like the perfect one shot to run this Halloween season.

Even though finding anything can be a pain at pain, it is fun to search Itch.io for hidden gems. I came across a 5E one shot called What Child Is This. Basically the hook is you have to deliver a mysterious, powerful baby and all sort of obstacles stand in the way (some are really weird). What I love about this is it super easy to run without much prep but still give you are ton of interesting ideas to improv off of.

Something’s Cooking is probably one of the weirdest adventure that Wizards officially ever published. It is super short and it features a Calzone Golem. Enough said. I am going to run it in 5E.

I love, love the Big Bad Bundle from Hitpoint Press. It gives you fun villains to based short campaigns or one shots around. I ran a short series of one shots around Gollythank, a elf who makes dangerous toys and it was a ton of fun. I am prepping another series of one shots but this time around with King Blrrk. He is a gelatinous cube who is very smart due to eating a magical gem and he just so happens to be a king of a thieves guild. He would fit right in my quirky homebrew.

I wanted to pick up a gelatinous cube mini (King Blrrk) from my local gaming store. Unfortunately it is one of the few minis that were sold out so instead of leaving empty handed I picked up a Dungeons & Dragons Icons of the Realms: Guildmaster Guide to Ravnica pack. It is my favorite set of minis from Wizkids. I pulled a Firefist, Mind Drinker Vampire, Gruul Ogre and Jarad, Golgari Guildmaster. These are all minis I can definitely use one way or another. I am going to run a Tomb of Horrors (heavy modified by Youtuber XP to Level 3 along with some of my own changes) on Halloween and Jarad is perfect as a fake Acererak.

Finally I am also planning to run another dungeon from XP to Level 3, The Doorngeon. It is basically a dungeon voted on by his viewers so it is very trolly and memey. I made a bunch of changes just have a more coherent story and better pacing but it looks like a ton of fun. I am probably going to run just before Tomb of Horrors as sort of a warmup.

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Pokemon TCG: Evolving Skies and Chilling Reign 2 Pack Blister + Pin

I got this Pokemon TCG 2 packs plus pin blister. I can’t remember how much I paid for it but I remember it was too much for what it is. The two packs are Evolving Skies and Chilling Reign and the pin is of Latias.

Evolving Skies isn’t my favorite set but it is probably one of the most popular sets in the last year or two. So I rarely find any Evolving Skies packs for sale but it may have gotten a reprint. Chilling Reign on the other hand is a lot less popular and I can easily find these packs especially in multi-pack sets like this. Anyway I got lucky and got a hit. It is a Liepard V card. It is not a card that sees any play but maybe after the rotation since there isn’t many good way to deal with troublesome tool cards. Other than that I was actually looking to pick up a Klara card and I wanted to build a fun casual deck around Flapple and Appletun.

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Stand Out Autos: RZA Signed Bobby Digital and The Pit of Snakes Graphic Novel

I haven’t added much autographs to my collection that last few years but I am pretty excited to add this autograph.

It is a RZA signed Bobby Digital and the Pit of Snake graphic novel. I got it from Midtown Comics. RZA of course is more well known for his music and his time with the Wu-Tang Clan but I actually read this comic and I like it. It reminds me a lot of Afro Samurai. I haven’t looked into it but I also heard there is an album that pairs with this graphic novel.

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Another Pokemon TCG: Pokemon Go Snorlax Tin

I decided to pick up another Pokemon TCG Pokemon Go Snorlax tin instead of getting some Lost Origins packs. It has a Snorlax and Pikachu holo and 4 Pokemon Go packs.

All in all, this is a decent tin but I keep getting the same cards over and over again. I got 4 Mewtwo Vs, 2 Melmetal Vs and way too many Golisopods. Still you can’t complain too much when you pull 2 V’s out of 4 packs.

I want to build a new deck to bring to the Pokemon TCG League, something a little more competitive than what I usually bring but still don’t want to play the top tier decks. I was thinking of building the Lunatone/ Solrock deck. It seems like a ton of fun and I not missing too many cards to build the deck.

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Pokemon TCG: Trick or Trade Booster Bundle

I got this Pokemon TCG Trick or Trade BOOster Bundle at Target. It has 40 mini packs with 3 cards each. It was $15 for the bundle.

I really love the pack art. Unfortunately the neighborhood I live in doesn’t have much trick or treaters so I guess I have to open all these packs myself…

This is a special Halloween theme set. All the cards are reprints, a few of them are holos and there really isn’t anything valuable but they all do have a special Pikachu pumpkin logo. I also like the set only has 30 cards in the set so in theory you can complete 3x with just a bundle. But my distribution of cards is a little weird. For most cards, I got 4 or 5 copies and a few I have 3. I got 6 copies of just Gengar but what is weird is I got only 1 Hatenna and 0 Dusknoir so I don’t even have 1 complete set which is kind of bummer.

One advantage of a small set is that you can easily get sets of pokemon lines which great for deckbuilding. It is SOOO annoying to have just 1 or 2 copies of a bunch of different pokemon lines from a single set. Also there are some fun cards in this set and I think I am going to build a Halloween theme budget deck so I have something to lend out in Pokemon League events and maybe when I play in Pax Unplugged. At a quick glance, Gourgeist is the best build around me card. You just basically need that and a ton of psychic pokemon which this set has. I also want to give a shoutout to the Mewtwo card in this set. The art is so cool but too bad the card is really bad.

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Random Pack Break: Dungeons & Dragons Icons of the Realms Guildmaster Guide to Ravnica Minis

I went to a gaming store at a little out of the way from me so it one I don’t go to often. I just wanted to make a small purchase as kind of way to help them out. I was thinking about picking up a Pokemon Go Elite Trainer Box but I couldn’t get myself to spend close to $60 especially since I been buying so much Pokemon TCG cards already. Instead, since I have been playing Dungeons & Dragons more and I going to try to use minis for a one shot in the very near future I settled for a pack of Dungeons & Dragons Icons of the Realms Guildmaster Guide to Ravnica prepainted plastic figures. It has four minis with one of them usually a bigger figure.

Ravnica is one of my favorite MTG sets mostly for its lore. If I were to pick up an official D&D books today, it would be the Ravnica one. My random booster pack is quite Selesnya heavy which is great since the family of characters that I play in other people’s games are all from the Selesnya clan so I may be able get some use out of it. My campaign that I run is a very light and with a ton of joke characters thrown around so the Azorius Homunculus would definitely fit right in.

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Pokemon TCG: Another Sylveon Astral Radiance 3 Pack Blister

I have been getting so much Pokemon Go packs lately I haven’t gotten many cards from the Astral Radiance set. It has some interesting cards in the set and some trainer cards I pretty sure I would need in the future so I decided to skip another Pokemon Go tin and get another Sylveon Astral Radiance 3 pack blister.

I got pretty lucky and pulled an Origin Forme Palkia V. It is part of one of the top tier decks in the format since you need the V to evolve it Origin Forme Palkia VStar. It is the first time I actually read the V card and it pretty good card itself. Not many Vs that can evolve can do 200 damage.

The other thing I notice is that Gallade from the set has some synergy with the Sylveon promo but that deck would be way too slow. Could still be a fun casual deck though…

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Thrift Store Haul: Dominion Prosperity & Other Board Games

I haven’t had much luck with board games at thrift stores lately but did find a couple of good deals this week.

I got Can’t Catch Harry An Odd 1s Out Card Game, Rick & Morty Munchkin and Dominion Prosperity. These game were a bit more expensive than what I have seen say a year ago. All three games were about $25 + tax. But the Can’t Catch Harry and Dominion Prosperity were both new and sealed.

Dominion Prosperity was I think $12.99, the most expensive game in this haul by far but Dominion is one of my favorite games even though until now I only had the base game. I looked it up and Dominion Prosperity seems to be one of the most popular expansions so I can’t wait to try at a board game meetup. I just need to get sleeves for it first…

Even though $25 isn’t the biggest deal I have found at a thrift store, Dominion Prosperity is a game I really wanted and the other two I am sure I can find something to do with it.

Last minute edit: Later I went to another Goodwill (one that usually has less games but better prices) and found two really good deals.

I got Bears vs Babies and Unstable Unicorns cards games for $1 each. They are honestly not my favorite games but they are very popular and I can easy trade them for something else.

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Pokemon TCG: 2022 McDonald’s Happy Meal Match Battle Pack

Today I bought two cheeseburger happy meals to get the new 2022 McDonald’s Happy Meal Pokemon TCG packs. Unfortunately they gave me one Pokemon TCG set and one Space Jam toy (which is a super old Happy Meal toy) which was super disappointing.

Here is what you get in the Pokemon TCG Happy Meal toy.

I got a Tynamo, Cutiefly, Drampa and a holo Pikachu. The holo Pikachu is probably the most expensive card of the set aka the chase card so even though I got unlucky in getting only one pokemon pack I got super lucky and pulling the best card of the set in that one pack!

This year’s 15 card set is super random. Every McDonald’s set has to have a Pikachu, Victini is also a popular pokemon and pretty much every other card is an odd choice to me. I guess the cards go with the little game that come with it. It is called Match Battle which is basically Top Trumps. Look at two cards, pick a random stat and see which cards has the higher number for that stat.

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Pokemon TCG: 2022 Trainer’s Toolkit | Lumineon V, Trainer Cards, Packs and More!

I couldn’t find any Pokemon TCG Pokemon Go boxes near me so I picked up another product that I kind of wanted. It is the Pokemon TCG 2022 Trainer’s Toolkit. It is advertised as having “everything you need to build a powerful deck.” So that means 2 alternate art of Lumineon Vs, 50 useful trainer and energy cards, a bunch of basic energy cards, 4 booster packs and bunch of TCG extras like die, markers, sleeves and a card box.

I actually have most of the trainer, energy and pokemon cards that comes in the toolkit already but I build so many decks it is good to have extras of all the staples so I don’t have to move the cards around as much. There are few trainer cards though that I did need like Capture Energy, Raihan and Adventurer’s Discovery. Lumineon V is also one of my favorite support pokemons in the game. I think is more fun to play and to build decks around with than something like a Crobat V or Dedenne GX.

My four boosters are Evolving Skies, Brilliant Stars and 2 Astral Radiance and my pulls were pretty good which a relief since I been on quite an unlucky streak with packs lately. I got a full art Jirachi V and a character rare Ariados.

So with all that being said, for anyone looking to play the Pokemon TCG, the Trainer’s Toolkit is a good pickup. These are cards you need to build decks. Buying all cards as singles may be cheaper but it often a pain to find like 50 “cheap” trainer cards all from the same seller (and if you buy from a bunch of different sellers all the extra shipping and handling does add up). Packs are roughly $5 each so that alone is $20. All the useful trainer cards, alternate art Lumineon Vs, sleeves, a card box and bunch of extra goodies is definitely worth $10. Plus you may be able to find the Trainer’s Toolkit on sale for maybe like $20 if you shop around.

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