My Haul from Citi Field

So I finally got a day off yesterday and Michael Conforto, the Mets’ best hitting prospect was making his major league debut so I made my way to Citi Field. I actually haven’t been to Citi Field in like forever. Here is my little haul from my trip.

First off I got a pretty sweet Jacob deGrom T- shirt via free shirt Fridays.

Jacob deGrom Tshirt

I also got a game used memorabilia grab bag and I ended up with a…

Citi Field Jar of Dirt

jar of dirt from the first regular season game at Citi Field 4/13/09. Mmmm… haven’t fared well with game used dirt memorabilia. I got a little coin as a gift awhile back with a bit of dirt from the last season at Shea Stadium and…

Shea Stadium Dirt

I dropped it cracking the case it was in. Although all the dirt is still there, it is broken into a few pieces so you really can’t take it out of the box. So back to this jar of dirt, I must have banged a corner against something on my way back and…

Jar of Dirt

there is a small hole in the jar. I wrapped it so the dirt is all there. All I can do is patch it up with a bit of foil and tape. But given my luck I probably won’t be looking to add more game used dirt anything in my collection.

Anyways, the Mets were destroyed in that game. The lineup is a joke and Michael Conforto just hit three weak grounders. The Mets did make a trade so hopefully Juan Uribe and Kelly Johnson plus Conforto will spark some life in the Mets offense. *shrugs*

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Random Pack Break: 2015 Panini Americana Retail

I was at Target the other day and I saw some loose packs of 2015 Panini Americana retail. Americana was one of my favorite sets back in the day and I didn’t even know Panini came out with a new set. So let’s take a look.

2015 Panini Americana

Wow these cards have such a boring, uninspired design. A grey border on cards almost never works. The back is a bit better. The top looks a bit like an American flag which I am sure is no accident. I have to admit though the checklist of actors, actresses, musicans etc is a lot stronger than the Donruss counterpart. There are a lot more names I recognize right off the bat.

2015 Panini Americana Inserts

As for my pulls, I pulled a Eva Marie red parallel, a Tiffani Thiessen die cut On the Tube insert and a Jerry Bailey & D. Wayne Lukas Winner’s Circle Combos insert. Everything else is just base cards. Of the three, the Eva Marie card is probably my best pull and the red parallel looks like it is just design for her.

Despite the boring design for the base cards, I probably will be looking to pick up a hobby box to see what else is in 2015 Panini Americana.

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Minions Challenge Card Game: Modified Rules

First off, the Minions movie was awesome!

Anyways, I finally took a look at the Minion Challenge card game and it is essentially the game of War. You play a card from your hand and the highest number wins that round (no one wins ties). Win five rounds and you win the game. The rules after that are pretty vague and the rule book leaves a lot of the finer details up the players. Clearly the gameplay part of this product is not the focus.

With the popularity of Minions, a Minions game would be an easy sell for board game night so I took a good look and see if I can tweak some of the rules to make it a somewhat decent game.

So every deck has only four cards and they are about equal with just one card with special power per deck. If you only play with one character, it would be quite repetitive and boring. So like the rule book suggest you should definitely play with at least 3 characters and decks per person per game. I also like to draft the characters at the beginning of the game so you can mix up the teams every game.

Now with 3 characters, you combine their decks into one super deck. You then shuffle it up and draw four cards from the library. For each round you place of the cards in your hand face down and flip it up the same time. The highest number wins (or do whatever a special power says). Now the rule book says you keep going until you play all four cards and then you draw a new hand of four. I don’t really like that so I say you should just draw one card after every round to replace the card you just played. Also one rule I have been playing around with is the option of not flipping over your card and giving your opponent a free win to discard your hand to draw a brand new hand.

So if you win a round, you move up only the character of the card that you play. So if you played a Minion Bob 5 card versus your opponent’s Seal 4 card you only move Minion Bob’s track up one and not the other two characters. If you get two of the three characters to the fifth stage you win!

I think these small tweaks to game gives you more options in the game and allows for some strategy. For example, normally if you use just your most powerful cards you hand will be cluttered with weak cards but now you have the options to play a 5 then a 5 and just skip a turn to refuel your hand. Also drawing back to four card per turn give you the maximum amount of options. Another example is to focus on playing mostly cards of two of the characters and ignore the third so you can try to win as fast as possible.

The Minions Challenge Card Game is pretty cheap and you really only need six packs to play. Is this a great game? No but it can be a nice filler game and who can really resist the Minions?

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Pulled a Full Art Mega Rayquaza EX!

Super quick post today. I just like opening packs and I pulled a full art parallel of a Mega Rayquaza EX! I don’t even play the Pokemon TCG (although I played it a long, long time ago).

Full Art Mega Rayquaza EX

The Mega Rayquaza EX card is one of the rarest and one of the most powerful cards from the latest Pokemon set, Roaring Skies. Just looking at it with its crazy foiling and its crazy art and I have to say wow.

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Gems of the Game Baseball Trading Cards Repack

I have been super busy gearing up for the fourth of July so this is a quick blog post. I have a Gems of the Game baseball trading cards repack which has 1 graded card (graded 9.0 or higher), 3 fat packs and 3 regular packs. The fat packs are a 2009 UD Baseball Series 1, a 2008 UD Baseball Series 1 Rookie Edition and a 2014 Topps Baseball Series 2. The three other packs are a 2008 UD X Baseball, a 2014 Topps Baseball Series 1 and a 2010 UD Baseball Series 1. That is a lot of baseball cards.

Topps Parallels

I pulled some sort of parallel of Hyun-Jin Ryun (going to my PC) and Jose Abreu (rookie card). I also pulled a Marlon Byrd autograph out of the UD X pack. Sweet!

Marlon Byrd Autograph

As for the graded card…

Mike Trout Graded 10

I got a really random Mike Trout base card from 2012 Topps. At least it is graded 10, mint or better.

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Random Basketball Packs before the NBA Draft

Today is the big day for the New York Knicks. It is the NBA Draft! I kind of want to open some basketball packs and I could only get my hands on this basketball repack. It has one guaranteed memorabilia card and three basketball packs which happened to be 1 pack of 2012-13 Panini Past & Present and 2 packs of 2012- 13 Panini NBA Hoops.

Panini Cards

I must have overlooked these sets when they came out since these are the first packs of them I have opened. But I wasn’t really missing anything as both are the boring side. And my guaranteed memorabilia card is

Shawn Marion Jersey Card

of Shawn Marion. One thing I hate is when cards are clearly designed to have two maybe more swatches of game used materials and instead they cover up these spots with awkward logos or what not. They look awful and if you are like me, you feel like you are missing out.

So I didn’t really pull anything. Anyways back to the Knicks. I have a bad feeling about the NY Knicks’ future and I have little faith in Phil Jackson’s ability to build a competitive team. I also have a feeling it will be another Stephen Curry situation. The Knicks were one pick away from picking Curry and instead we had to settled for Jordan Hill. Ugh. I wish I have more reasons to be optimistic about the Knicks. I guess you need a wait and see approach as a fan and I hope Phil Jackson proves all his doubters wrong.

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The Plague: The Most Powerful MTG Theme Deck of All Time

I want to have a little theme deck/ intro deck war with a few of my friends so I am slowly acquiring or building some of the most powerful, some of the weirdest theme decks in Magic history. So far I got the Way of the Warrior a white weenie deck from Champions of Kamigawa built around the bushido mechanic and Bait & Switch from Onslaught which is probably the weirdest theme deck built around changing your opponent creature types to turn on some narrow cards (like a card that destroys target cleric).

Anyways, I had to have The Plague from Urza’s Saga in my theme deck war. It is the answer to the question “what is the most powerful theme deck or intro deck of all time” and I just acquired the last few cards I needed.

The Plague Urza's Saga

It is so rare to have such a fun yet challenging deck released as just a theme deck. It is a combo control deck built around Pestilence. There is so much synergies like Pestilence + protection from black creatures, Pestilence + Pariah, Pestilence + Urza’s Armor, etc. The deck also has a number of cycling cards to help find your key pieces and you eventually win with enough Pestilence triggers.

This deck is easily my pick to win it all since most theme decks are creature based.

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