Hideo Nomo & BJ Upton Jersey Card from a Repack

I pulled an interesting Hideo Nomo and BJ Upton jersey card from a repack. Of course, any hit you can pull from a repack is a bonus. It is numbered 115/150.

Hideo Nomo and BJ Upton Jersey Card

As you can see, there is only a piece of game worn jersey from BJ Upton. So without a doubt there is a variant with just a piece of jersey for only Hideo Nomo and probably a variant with jersey pieces for both players. I find this just being super lazy. Why can’t you just design three separate cards? And… this also triggers my OCD. The card is so clearly missing something.

Also I find the pairing of Hideo Nomo and BJ Upton super random and to be honest I forgot Hideo Nomo ever played for the Tampa Bay Rays.

Despite all that being said it is going to my gigantic binder and into my personal collection.


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Awesomely Awesome Comic Books: Secret Avengers #20

New comic books are going for $4- $5 nowadays. I am also a very fast reader so getting new comic books weekly was getting quite expensive. So instead lately I have been buying discount comic book bundles. My local comic book shop sells 12 random issues for only $4 and I also find some old comics at discount shops from time to time. Basically I go for quantity over quality and I have read a lot of bad comics (and a ton of comics from the 90’s). But every once in a while you get a hidden gem. Secret Avengers #20 is definitely one of them.

Secret Avengers 20

Secret Avenger #20 is in fact one of the best one shot comics I have come across. It is a complex time travel starring Black Widow written by Warren Ellis. The comic starts with the Avengers dying and the Black Widow is the only one left standing. Fortunately she finds an “escape hatch” on War Machine. She finds out this is a time travel device. The catch is she has to save her team by changing time in such a way that she appears not to have changed time (because time is like a big ball of wibbly wobbly). So she has to jump throughout time and has to manipulate people and things in the background. I just love how much Black Widow has to go through to save her team and the fact no one can know she ever did anything.

It is so easy to have plot holes in time travel stories but everything ties back to each other so seamlessly. There are so many “oh” moments. I don’t want to spoil too much but it is very clever how the story ties up loose threads like how War Machine ending with an “escape hatch” in the first place. In fact, I had to read this issue twice so I can get all the little details. There is even one awesome moment where she goes back in time and the comic style and layout changes to a series of old timey 3 panel comic strips. So clever.

Secret Avengers #20 probably one of my favorite comic books and it would never have been on my radar if I didn’t get it in a random comic book bundle.

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An Interesting Card from a Basketball Card Repack

I picked up yet another basketball card repack. This one has 4 packs, 50 random cards and a special bonus! The packs are 2015- 16 Panini Threads, 2016- 17 Donruss Basketball x2 and 2016- 17 Panini Complete Basketball. The special bonus is a pack of NBA TeenyMates.

I am going to cut to the chase I didn’t really pull anything of note. Most of the cards are going into the bulk box. As expected, most of the 50 random basketball cards are from the 1990’s (although one of them is a Steve Nash rookie card). My best card is probably this Klay Thompson Court Kings insert.

Klay Thompson Basketball Card

Another card did stand out though (for all the wrong reasons).

Basketball Card Weird Foiling

This is a Topps Finest Johnny Dawkins card. I am not sure if you can tell from the scan but the foiling process on this card make him look green… kind of like a skinny Hulk.

Also I don’t really collect TeenyMates but I do have a bunch of the WWE TeenyMates and unlike their WWE counterparts all the figures are of a generic basketball player, just the jersey is different.

NBA Teenymates

So I guess licensing the likeness of NBA superstars cost a lot more than WWE wrestlers?

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A Black Panther Bobblehead from a Brooklyn Cyclones Game

Last Sunday it was superhero day at MCU park in Coney Island (home to the Brooklyn Cyclones) and more importantly it was also bark in the park so I got to bring my dog out to the ballpark too!

There were two promo items for the day. The first is this awesome picture frame and I found a picture of my dog that fits perfectly!

Brooklyn Cyclones Picture Frame

Second is this Black Panther Bobblehead. I have a shelf of bobbleheads and this is going to be a great addition.

Black Panther Bobblehead

Brooklyn Cyclones games are always a ton of fun. They even got the actor who played King T’chaka to throw the first pitch. Honestly given the price, the creative promotions they run and the fact the stadium is in Coney Island I more often than not perfer to go see a Brooklyn Cyclones game over a New York Mets game. I am just sad I have to miss Legends of the Hidden Temple night…

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WWE Wrestling Figures & Cards Mystery Box

In addition to the three point basketball cards repack, I also got this WWE wrestling figures and cards mystery box. According to the box, it has 15 wrestling figures, 3 wrestling figure lockers, 2 wrestling card packs, 1 bench and 1 chair. This of course makes no sense so I had to buy it.

WWE Mystery Box

In the box there was 6 packs of Teenymates WWE Superstars series 2, a Teenymates locker room set and 2 packs of 2004 Topps Road to Wrestlemania.

2014 Road to Wrestlemania

First off the cards. Road to Wrestlemania is still not one of my favorite wrestling sets. The cards are ugly and super random. For example do we really need a card on Brodus Clay turning on Tensai? All these cards are basically just bulk.

WWE Teenymates

So now I have a bunch of Teenymates WWE figures. I pulled two rare figures though Sgt. Slaughter 1:32 and a glow in the dark Finn Balor 1:56. One figure that drew my attention was Sasha Banks because the art style Teenymates goes for does not work for her. I don’t really have room to display the Teenymates even with the locker room setup but I wonder if I can design a little game around these figures. They could make interesting minis…

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Three Point Basketball Repack Break

It is hard to be excited about basketball when the team you root for is the New York Knicks… I am kind of stats guy and I think a lot of the time I find the NBA draft and offseason more entertaining than the actual NBA season. And this offseason was crazy to say the least. Of course the Knicks didn’t do anything of note but the Warriors keep getting stronger and the Lakers are either going to be very good or they are going to be really dysfunctional. Anyways with that in mind, I was getting the itch to open some packs again and I picked up this three point basketball repack. It has one guaranteed autograph, one memorabilia card and four packs (one of them being a hobby pack.)

The four packs were 2015-16 Donruss Basketball, 2016-17 Donruss Basketball, 2016- 17 Panini Complete Basketball and Upper Deck Kansas Basketball hobby pack. Here are all the interesting cards including the hits I got from the repack.

Three Point Basketball Repack

I usually have low expectations for repacks but even then these pulls are pretty bad. My autograph is of Brooks Thompson who I actually had to look up on wikipedia and my memorabilia cards is of Demetrius Jackson who I also had to look up. At least Brooks Thompson played for the Knicks for 17 games. His autograph is numbered out of 7,750 cards. I can’t imagine signing that many cards! One cool thing about this particular card is it is 2,222/ 7,750. The best card of the bunch is probably the most eye catching one, the Richard Jefferson prism parallel of some sort. The last thing I want to add is that the Upper Deck Kansas cards are really, really ugly. That blue fabric background and the giant KANSAS text does not work. I think most would agree that Upper Deck during the last few years have really been phoning it in.


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Board Games from Around the World: The Legend of Cheung Po Tsai

I am just drawn to obscure board games. The Legend of Cheung Po Tsai: The Hidden Treasure in Hong Kong is as you can guess a board game from Hong Kong and I am pretty sure it didn’t have a global release. It is made by People on Board and designed by Thomas Wong. A friend got this for me on his recent trip to China and this game is a beauty. The components and the artwork is just stunning. Just look at the ship minis (made of metal) and the board is even pressed with the logo of the game! Wow!

The Legend of Cheung Po Tsai Box

The Legend of Cheung Po Tsai Components

I am pretty sure I got the second version of this game. Unlike Mission Critical Mars this game does have a board game geek profile and it does have a youtube video from the publisher on how to play. The game is a pretty simple race around the island game with a bunch of take that cards. The twist is a spinner which dictates the direction of the wind for the turn. For example if you spin north, you can play as play as many north wind cards you have to move forward (one space per card). The theme and general goal of the game kind of reminds me of Jamaica. I had low expectations for this game but it was a surprisingly fun filler game.

The Legend of Cheung Po Tsai

There are some downsides though. The game is super random and the game can be very unfair and mean. For example there is a card which allow you to switch places with another player. So a player could be in last place, switch places with the leader, play a few wind cards and win. The rule book is also terrible. The english rulebook has a ton of mistakes like broken english, missing words and for some reason it keeps referring to the ship piece as “chess”. I can excuse these mistakes since it wasn’t released in the United States and honestly I have seen worst rulebooks. With the video and because the game is super simple you can get the point fairly quick and figure out the rest as you play. Another huge problem is the cards do not have their abilities printed on them so you constantly have to refer to the rule book to see what each card does.

Overall this is fun game to start your board game night or between two longer games. A lot of the downsides can be excused because the game is so short. This game’s greatest strength though was its ability to catch your eye. I was playing this at the park and we had a bit of crowd checking out this game as we played. This game is very hard to find outside of China and Hong Kong but if you do come across, it could be an interesting game in your collection.

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