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God is a variable and no more meaningful than x as a variable in a Calculus problem. People have a tendency to put the unknown, whatever principals beyond their reasoning capabilities into one umbrella term or letter. For example, people often wonder what caused what infinitely. What caused the creation of the universe? The big bang? What made the materials before the big bang? Most would say God. This is certainly convenient but the problem arises when we forgot they are just variables.

God is a human creation. The seeming infinite number of religions and its variations certainly supports the notion that God is a variable of an undefined problem. Like a math problem, let’s put constraints and test possible solutions. In addition we must use reason along with our senses to guide us. A common answer to what is God is that God is a benevolent, all powerful, perfect, and eternal being. If God is all powerful, why is there evil and destruction in this world? Further many who believe in God believed in the Devil. Why can’t he being omnipotent banish the Devil forever freeing us? Either he is a lazy being or a powerless one. Why is religion and hate sometimes intertwined? If God is perfect, he would not let that happen under his name unless he too is a hateful being. Is this world being so imperfect a mistake of God? One that is perfect can only create perfect things or unless one really was not perfect to begin with. Thus God could be an arcane line of thought just as we think of Plato’s variables, the Demiurge and the Good.

The danger is evident when we stop using reason when the problem is insurmountable. X would still be X in a hard math problem to you unless you push on to solve the problem. We can not stop questioning everything. It is useless and ill advised for you just give up solving the endless problem (because we can’t know everything but it hurts if we don’t try) and use a variable as a scapegoat or a cause of fortune. This is evident by the never ending violence because of the disagreements to the answers of the trivial variable, God. Further it is dangerous to believe that our lives our being or capable of being controlled. Too often I hear that “it is in God’s hands now” or “it is part of God’s plan”. Realizing that the idea of God can be whatever one defines it, a variable, is very powerful and liberalizing.

Note I understand that all words are variables. This is evident by the fact there is so much languages in the world. The difference people usually understand it is a variable and supporting the notion, is that it is commonly practice to have code names or slang words to such variables. X can be Y or Z or whatever you want as long as you understand the name is meaningless until you, and should be you alone, bring its meaning.


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