Shocking News about Fake Upper Deck and Razor Autographs

Collectors’ worst nightmare. (March 3, 2009) The price of collectible sports cards has been skyrocketing in the past few years although to be fair the probability of getting a bigger hit has also increased. One of the best hits and thrill you can get is a cut signature of a sports legend or historical figure. It is usually safe to assume companies like Upper Deck would take the proper steps to ensure authentic cut signatures. Part of the assumption is the fear that the backlash of releasing fake autos will damage the brand name. But it seems that some presidential cut signatures are fake or signed with autopen. The problem seems to be that the authenticators (both the individuals and the companies) are not quite qualified and worst some have shady histories. I wonder if they even check the signatures or just encased anything as long as they get paid.

The worst so far is Razor who just began to make premium collectibles and is struggling to get positive brand recognition. But if the cut signatures from Razor products like the Razor Oval Office, priced $2,500 a pack, are indeed fake, the brand is fubar.



I am usually a big fan of Upper Deck products but this is cause for concern.

Update: It seems the Brian Gray of Razor is willing to look into this and willing to right any wrongs.

Update 2: The source may have had a shady past too.


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