Companies That I’m Disappointed to See Go: Just Minors

I might be a minority here but I actually liked the Just Minors line of products. I am first to admit that the Just Autograph set design is leaning on the ugly side and the autograph stickers are unquestionably ugly. But Just Autographs is always affordable with 12 minor league autographs per box. ($42 in DaCardWorld)It is perfect for prospecting. I really didn’t really mind the lack of logos but the early releases with the logos are definitely better. I have gotten my fair share of hits from two boxes. (2007 & 2008) These include Francisco Pena, Chris Davis, Chris Perez, Bobby Parnell and Deolis Guerra.


My favorite card by far is Johnny Cueto and we all know about his problem with autographing.


Just Minors also experimented with sealed autograph balls, mini- helmets, bats, photos, jerseys etc. These were always a bit different and a fun experience breaking. I honestly can’t get too much since I’m quickly running out of room in my place.

A little while back I was disappointed, in hearing that Just Minors partnered/ merged/ was bought out by Razor. This means it is likely there won’t be any future Just Minors releases and given Razorgate it is probably a bad decision.



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8 responses to “Companies That I’m Disappointed to See Go: Just Minors

  1. One more thing, in case you can’t see from the scan. Johnny Cueto retraced his auto. So weird.

  2. I am a big Just Minors fan also. I love the value they bring to the table. They have an incredible checklist of talent, but were unable to market their product to the masses like Razor did — well, pre Razor Gate anyway.

  3. That is a good point. Just Minors may had poor timing too. Minor League/unlicensed products were not as accepted as it is now and perhaps look down upon.

  4. chemgod

    Tristar beat them at their own game. I too was sad to see Just Minors go. I have a Josh Hamilton auto from when he was with Princeton.

  5. I really liked Just Minors as they are ideal for getting autographed by minor leaguers.

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