My Card/ Comic Shop

Chameleon Comics & Cards (Lower Manhattan) is my go to shop for everything collectible. The store is tiny but it crams in tons of merchandise. One side is cards and the other side is comics. The prices are pretty good and they have a decent collection of singles. Although their common bins is always a needle in a haystack. For comics, they have all the new titles and you can’t beat a pack of 15 or so random comics for only $3. It is great reading material and it is a bonus when there is a comic I was actually looking for.

The people are what make the store a weekly stop for me. The employees always greet you and often get into conversations on just about anything. Most recently, they were talking about the Razor Oval Office autographs (They rightfully don’t mess with that stuff). The store is between Wall Street and City Hall so there is a lot of business people who shop there. Despite the economy, the store seems to be doing ok and on Wednesdays, it is usually very crowded. I reckon their customer service is what keeping these regulars too.

My recent haul from their singles display. All for around $20.






It is the little things that keep shops like Chameleon Comics open when others fail.


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