Summer Cleaning/ Giveaways Gone Wrong

I am so relieved today. I just gave away the last of my 1980’s-2000’s baseball and basketball commons. A month ago I faced a crisis (made worst by a bookshelf collapse); my room was filled to the brim with cards. Cards were lying everywhere in little boxes, big boxes, shoe boxes, binders, etc. There is a point where my quality of life was being affected.

I hate giving anything away and I hate to throw things away even more. But something just had to go. I convince myself that the 80’s to 00’s cards will never be worth anything and just taking up space. If something had to be sacrificed, they are it. Quietly honestly I haven’t look at them in years.

As expected no on wanted these cards at any price so I offered it for free on craigslist. I met couple of interesting people who claimed the cards. One guy in particular gave me a sob story on how he had little money and that the cards are for his grandsons. He even gave me his business card looking for work (dog walking). I gave him two boxes of cards; one of them is a distinct shoe box. That night surfing on Craigslist I saw the guy I just met selling the cards (for I think $50) in the same distinct shoe box. Honestly I wasn’t disappointed since I know no one would want the cards and I gave it to him to do whatever with it. But he didn’t need to lie to me because I would have given to him anyways and if he told me he was selling it, I might have given him some tips.

So all in all I cleared up space to buy more cards. *sighs*


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