Great Googly Moogly: My Best Repack Ever

Today during my lunch break I decided to head to Modells to see what cards they had for sale. Their card selection is usually limited and everything cost 20% more. But I was drawn to the repacks that guarantee a jersey card for ten bucks. I didn’t have high hopes for it because I know 95% time you get crap. Also more often than not I have the suspicion that the packs were searched making me regret the purchase every time. However my instincts told me to roll the dice anyways.


As expected my guarantee jersey was underachieving JD Drew. I also noticed that the company threw in a Donruss pack making the total four packs instead of three. (The pack was weird because all the cards were consecutive from 559 to 573.)


But something fascinating happened. My second pack had a nice looking jersey card of Derek Jeter with a pinstripe.


Thinking my luck couldn’t get any better the next pack had a John Smoltz Jersey card.


I usually don’t get 3 jersey cards with $50 dollars worth of packs and I got three with a $10 repack. I know the jersey cards aren’t worth much as they use to but the Jeter itself is worth the price of admission. But as nice as the Jeter is, I am actually rooting for JD Drew and John Smoltz to have a better year. Anyone against the Yankees especially the Red Sox is OK in my book. (The Jeter is just great trading material and I know a couple of people who would be interested.)

Throw in a Diamond King (Andre Dawson), a serial card (267/299), a prospect (Eric Hurley) and a rookie (Nate McLouth) and you get my best repack ever.



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2 responses to “Great Googly Moogly: My Best Repack Ever

  1. That’s insane!

    Congrats on the pulls.

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