Stephen Strasburg or Yu Darvish

I am not usually a prospector (and honestly I don’t follow the college/minor leagues too much) but two of the most hyped prospects (with tons of press coverage) right now has to be Stephen Strasburg and Yu Darvish which has me intrigued. Both have potential to be aces and anchor a rotation. My question is who you think is the real deal. Who would be a superstar in the MLB in say five years?

Some say that Stephen Strasburg is a can’t miss prospect, no brainer first overall draft pick and already a major league talent. He was the ace of Team USA but perform poorly in his semi-final game against Cuba. (1-1 record and 1.64 ERA) His fastball has hit 103 (and consistently clocked at 101) with a sharp slider/ curveball hybid breaking pitch and has good control. He has potential to be the hardest thrower the game ever seen. Stephen Strasburg is going to get the largest guaranteed contract/ signing bonus for a draft pick. But his meteoric rise has me a little suspicious.


On the other hand some say that Yu Darvish is better than Daisuke Matsuzaka. Yu Darvish was dominant in the WBC. (2 wins, 1 loss, 2.08 ERA, 13.0 IP, 20 SO, 1.00 WHIP) Like many Japanese pitchers, he has a huge arsenal of breaking pitches with a low 90’s fastball. He has insane stats in Japan. One problem foreseen is that Yu Darvish has said he does not want to come to the United States. From what I read he is an A-list celebrity in Japan. Still nothing is 100% and it is possible that he will be posted sometime in the near future.


Baseball is cruel game in which a can’t miss prospect can become a bust in a short time whether by too much pressure, an injury, poor work ethic, etc. Still it is fun to speculate sometimes especially when you team sucks right now and needs a savior. So if you have to take a chance on either Strasburg or Darvish who would you choose?


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  1. For more information here are two good links

    First is a Yahoo Article about Strasburg

    Here a good source for Darvish

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