New Feature on the Site

I finally got it to work!

Twitter is becoming more and more popular and I am happy to see cards bloggers beginning to use it. But the question that is popping up a lot is how is Twitter going to help me. Most bloggers have used the default Twitter Widgets which usually displays only your tweets. Personally I find this kind of redundant.

So I am trying an experiment which I like to call Collectible Buzz. Now on the lower right hand side you will see a feed of the latest tweets on a certain keyword instead of a person. I wanted a collection of the latest tweets for up to minute information on the hobby and hopefully help integrate Twitter better for Collectible/ Hobby Blogs. As I write this, the keyword is Topps so I can see that Topps 3D and the Allen & Ginter scam artist cards are the hottest news right now. I plan to change the keywords from time to time to keep it fresh. Also with the feed I hope you can meet new people who are as passionate about the hobby as we are.

I am not a tech guy but the way I got it to work for WordPress is to have it as a feed (which was my plan B). So my feed right now is and you can try

I am open for any tips of how to implement the tweets better.


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