The Card of the Game: Topps Attax Cy Young

As a way to curb my card addiction, I made a pact with myself. I would only open packs of cards if the Mets win that day and I would keep one card of the pack in a special binder as a way to remember that win. Hopefully by the end season I would have a nice collection to remember this Mets season.

So with the first win of the season, I have a Starter Box of Topps Attax. Since there was no Santana or Murphy card in the pack the choice was between Ryan Church or Cy Young. I ultimately chose the Topps Attax Legend Cy Young card because I am convinced that Santana would win the Cy Young Award this year. Given the terrible conditions, he got the outs when it counted and gave every chance for the Mets to win. Plus the bullpen looks dominant. It’s a great start.


The card is gold foil and looks a lot better than the scan.


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One response to “The Card of the Game: Topps Attax Cy Young

  1. bozemanbreaker

    At 100, that curveball is dominating!

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