CotG: Swell Whitey Ford

CotG= Card of the Game. If the Mets win, I’ll open some packs for the blog and pick one card for a special binder to represent that game.

With the Mets improving to 3-2, I have a couple random packs from the card machine in a supermarket nearby. The two packs of 2008 Artifacts were a complete bust with rookies I never heard of (eg Harvey Garcia) and washed up veterans (eg Barry Zito). Most importantly, there was no Mets. The most interesting cards for CotG are a Tommy John Yankee Stadium card (unfortunately best known for the Tommy John surgery) and a Hindenburg base card (a good card to represents the potential disastrous Mets loss). The other is this oddball pack.


It is a 1989 Baseball Greats made by Swell. I never heard of this set but it seems to have an official MLB license. Of the ten cards only one player, Dean Chance, had played for the Mets. But easily the card of the game is one of greatest New York pitchers, Whitey Ford. He was born in New York and played for the Yankees his whole career. He represents the era where loyalty to the city/team still matter and before the modern era of free agents where money became much more important. Despite teams constantly in flux, I have hope that David Wright would be a Met his whole career.



Three wins in and I still don’t have a 2009 Mets card in the binder.


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