CotG: Just Autographs Bobby Parnell

For the first win in Citi Field, I have two packs of my favorite release, Just Autographs. I have gotten my fair share of good hits for this set and hope to get lucky again.

First, the hits. It is not the best you can get but I can’t complain. Miller Auto is serial 4/10 and Kalish is serial 1/100.


But more importantly, I got the first 2009 Met as the CotG. It is a Bobby Parnell base card.


Honestly like last year, I don’t have much faith in bullpen. With the Mets, it really isn’t over until it’s over. Parnell’s Minor League numbers aren’t that impressive but he earned his spot in the bullpen in the spring. He is the classic middle reliever with a low 90’s fastball, slider and changeup. I really can’t complain about his performance today. Although, consistency seems to be the problem and doesn’t project more than a decent/average middle reliever but I wish nothing but the best for him.


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