CotG: Topps Jae Seo

Finally, the Mets win. There is nothing worst than losing to the Nationals right now. They are the worst organization in baseball in more ways than one.

I picked up this repack from K- mart in NYC and honestly the choices were limited. I was doing errands and it was convenient.


Unfortunately to my horror and dismay, I found the repack missing the guarantee jersey/ card frame and one pack opened, missing one card. (If you are curious of what the jersey/ card frame look like, I recently had one as a Card No One Wants.) The repack was obviously searched and someone had stolen the best cards. The K- mart in my area has had a problem with theft especially in the card aisle. In the past, blasters/ blister packs were ripped open with packaging all over the aisle. However, I actually checked to make sure the packaging was sealed. What really got me steamed is that K-mart must have seen this repack opened and resealed/ glued it without any indication of it. This is wholly unethical.

Anyways, the repack had three Topps packs (1989, 2007 and 2008). Of them, there were only two Mets (Roger McDowell 1989 and Willie Randolph 2008) and one former Met (Jae Seo 2007). I actually like Jae Seo and I was once in the Lord of the Mound/ Jae Seo cheering section once. You knew where they were because always had a huge Lord of the Mound banner and almost everyone had noise makers (thunder sticks?). That day, we made a lot of noise and it was definitely one of the more enjoyable game I been too. I believe Seo left that game with the lead only to have to bullpen mess it up. Seo is now pitching the Korean Baseball League.


So all in all, K-mart sucks.


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