CotG: Swell Roberto Clemente

I remember not too long ago the Braves were the Mets biggest rival and obstacle to the playoffs and now it is clear that the Braves are no where close to being as good. Even Chipper Jones, who had been a Mets killer, was actually helping the Mets by stranding runners and by committing a big error to give the Mets breathing room going on to the ninth.

On a side note, I am worried about the Mets lackadaisical play with Castillo and Delgado’s errors. The Mets seems to lack energy and that “swagger” but still it is the fundamentals of baseball. There are no excuses.

So I have been busy lately and I only have two more packs of Swell Baseball Greats lying around. I intend to have a variety of interesting packs for Card of the Game segment so I promise (hope) no more Baseball Greats from now on.

There was a couple of Hall of Famers but no Mets so the CotG is Roberto Clemente. Clemente is one of the greatest baseball players with his play and his humanitarian efforts. He was the first Latin American player elected in the Hall of Fame, inspiring and leading the way for many of the Latin American players today, including many that played with the Mets.



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