Cards No One Wants: Metal Universe Wesley Person

This is going to be an ongoing segment on cards no one should want. However, if I am proven wrong, these cards are available free to the first person who leaves a comment on why they want the card and emails me their address.

This is a prime example of a strange tacky looking 90’s insert. The background look like something you would see in a fantasy or D&D book (and a cheesy one too). Unfortunately the background is not too clear because of all that foil. It may just be me but my first thought about this card was that Person is like Frodo in Lord of the Rings and he is has to throw to the One Ring into Mount Doom in Mordor seconds before evil prevails. He’ll be successful 40.7% of the time.


CGI have gone a long way since then. But unfortunately the designs of basketball set haven’t, as evident by the Pavel Podkolzin Rookie Scrapbook card. It looks like a cross between a Brady Bunch and Adam’s Family episode.



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  1. lonestarr

    lol yikes ^^;

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