CotG: Topps NL Leaders RBIs

Nice little win streak the Mets have against NL East rivals. It’s a familiar formula in offense though, early but not often.

For this CotG, I got three packs left over from the blaster in the previous CotG post. Incredibly there was no Mets, making it a total of two Mets (one a manager) in one blaster/ six packs. None of the players ever played for the Mets too. I was leaning towards an Alex Rodriguez Own the Game insert since he was rumored to almost becoming a Met a couple of times but I reminded myself why I hated A-rod. So the CotG is NL Leader of RBIs with Carlos Beltran being sixth with 112 RBIs and David Wright being ninth with 107 RBIs.

NL Leaders RBI

On a side note, I sure you heard it a couple of times already but it’s lucky/smart the Mets didn’t sign Manny Ramirez. They really dodged a bullet there. What a soap opera that’s becoming.


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