CotG: Topps Gallery Gary Sheffield

So the win streak stretches to six and the Mets are now in first place. It is impressive that the offense was so good against the Pirate’s rotation, who had the best ERA in the NL not too long ago, and when they were flat for most of the season. Looks like the Mets got their swagger back.

I got a pack of Topps Gallery 2000 from a discount bin in my comic book store. It was an only baseball pack I found among comic themed packs. I am not familiar with this set so it was worth a shot.

Back in 2000 this was considered a premium pack, looking at the packaging and card design, now at best it is a gimmicky mid- tier pack, that gimmick being collecting game cards for points to bid on card art. This product seems to be the precursor to the Upper Deck Kids website and points in the back of most UD cards and maybe the precursor to Masterpieces with the canvas textured borders. (However, I do not know much about the 90’s sets so these gimmicks could have been used in an earlier product that I’m not aware of.)

The pack I got.


Again there was no Mets but two players that have played with the Mets as role players recently, Damion Easley and Gary Sheffield. Sheffield recently hit his 500 home run as a Met so his card is easily the CotG.



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