CotG: Artifacts Billy Buckner

Again the Mets are dominant with the win streak going to seven, sweeping three series. Everything seems to be going the Mets way and more importantly the Mets won it as a team. Everyone from Hernandez (pitching) to Santos (defense/ offense) did their part to win. However, Sean Green’s spot in the bullpen is in danger with everyone else being so dominant in the bullpen and with Tim Redding coming back soon.

For this Mets win, I have a couple a random packs from the $.50 discount bin, a pack of 2008 Artifacts, 2000 Topps, and a Pacific Ryan (Hoping to get his “blood” card).

A lot of blah. So the CotG (Card of the Game), is Artifacts Billy Buckner solely (probably unfairly) because he reminds me of Bill Buckner and the greatest moment in Mets history. If I am not mistaken, only recently did the Red Sox fans forgave him for that error.


Regarding the Pacific Nolan Ryan set, with cards like The Gentleman Rancher, Running the Steps, and Participating in a Cutting Horse Contest, can this set be consider oddball?



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