CotG: A Glossy UD Masterpieces Babe Ruth

Honestly I didn’t watch most of the Mets’ game today because of the great Game 6 of the Lakers/ Rockets playoffs. But I saw the end and I was worried for awhile with the bullpen blowing the lead and the tendency to have a lack of offense late in games. But clutch hits by Wright and Castro bailed them out.

I got this strange pack from a friend as a part of at trade. I have no idea where he got it from and I pretty sure he knows I hate the Yankees. It is advertised as 25 random cards from various Upper Deck products.

Yankee Pack

The cards are as strange as the packaging. The cards from UD Masterpieces, Futures Stars, SP Legendary Cuts, UD 2007 and UD 2008 but all the cards have the glossiness and thickness of the UD base set. Thus the most peculiar are the UD Masterpieces since it lacks the canvas texture.

Yankee Masterpiece_0001

Obviously this pack had no Mets, but it had most of the Yankees legends and stars from Babe Ruth to Derek Jeter. The UD Masterpiece Babe Ruth is the CotG (Card of the Game) because who can hate Babe Ruth and I was not aware that a glossy Masterpiece card existed.

Yankee Masterpiece_0002


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2 responses to “CotG: A Glossy UD Masterpieces Babe Ruth

  1. bozemanbreaker

    Haven’t seen those packs before, very unique and cool!

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