Topps Signature Basketball Pack 2

Unet, my one of my local card stores, had just opened a fresh box of Topps Signature Basketball so I decided to test my luck and get a pack since I know I was guaranteed 1:8 chances of getting a Group A autograph. I had success with this product before getting a Group A autograph of Dwight Howard.

The pack I got.


Incredibly (unless I am mistaken) I got another Group A autograph of Paul Pierce. Unlike the Dwight Howard autograph, Paul Pierce is serialed to 1999 which is less than a base card. Plus with three Celtics legends in this pack, it could be sign that the Celtics would win Game 7 against the Magic. It is kind of weird that I got autos of both Dwight Howard and Paul Pierce, star players of one of the most excited playoffs I have ever watched.

I only reason I went to Unet was because Target had only blasters of Goudey and Artifacts. This set is hit or miss but it is still way better.



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2 responses to “Topps Signature Basketball Pack 2

  1. Is the Bill Russell a real signature or a facsimile?

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