Why I Blog?

This is my entry for the sixth blog bat around. (Bolded for quick read.)

I am relatively a newcomer in the baseball cards blogsphere but I have been blogging for awhile now. Shot Not Taken started as a political/ current events blog (mostly negative stuff) but I quickly got bored. So, I decided to write more positive, light- hearted posts about collecting. I have always been a collector, going through phases on what I collect. Regarding why I blog, that is like the chicken or the egg question.

I blog about collectible cards because I enjoy it and I only started collecting cards again because writing and interacting with blogs made collecting more enjoyable. I honestly do not know which came first, collecting cards or reading/ writing blogs. In the past, I lost interest in most things I do after awhile. What’s different about collecting cards now (rather than say comics before) is this great community of card collectors/ enthusiasts. Writing my blog is like joining the conversation. Blogging is perfect for a collector because there is an urge to showcase your best cards and to see other’s cards. It is good to have hobby; it takes your mind off of things and great stress relief.

Regarding my favorite post, I was going to say the best has yet to come but that would be a cop out. I chose the post Companies That I’m Disappointed to See Go: Just Minors because Just Minors have really produced some my favorite products and to this day I am still very excited to open them. Not too many blog about Just Minors I want to give them their proper respect.

With scanner

My Best Pull & It’s from Just Minors

I hope that made sense, the answer to why I blog is kind of hard to articulate.


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