Cards No One Wants: Any Nationals Cards

This is an ongoing segment on cards no one should want. However, if I am proven wrong, these cards are available free to the first person who leaves a comment on why they want the card and emails me their address.

To me the worst team in baseball is the Washington Nationals. I was briefly a fan of the Nationals because I like to root for underdogs. But I quickly learn that there are simply incompetent. They never seem to improve their team or farm system and never seems interact with the fans and the players in a positive way. With the misspelled jerseys and the Elijah Dukes and the little league fiasco, the Nationals seem to be getting worst. Without a history like the Royals or the Pirates I can’t imagine anyone collecting the Nationals as their PC and I don’t think Steven Strasburg will solely save them. They need a lot of help.




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6 responses to “Cards No One Wants: Any Nationals Cards

  1. I know someone who collects the Nationals. His family has gone through rough patches recently and these would definitely put a smile on his face. I’ll shoot you an e-mail with his e-mail address, so you can work something out.

  2. The Nats are getting a bad rap.

    Go back a few years and blame it on Mr. Selig & co.

    “Okay, boys. The Montreal Expos. Poor attendance. What can we do about them?

    “Yeah, I know they were the first expansion team in Canada. But they haven’t won anything. And should they get hot again, like they were in 1994, we can’t afford another strike to crush them. It wouldn’t be good for the major market teams.

    “Besides, they’ve already done their part. The produced Carter, Raines and Dawson. It’s time to shut them down.

    “What? We can’t just yank their franchise? Why not? I’m commissioner.

    “Okay, let’s play monopoly. No, not the Parker Bros. game. Real stuff. Let’s buy them. Get Loria on the phone. Have him move their management to Florida. Leave the team in Montreal. That’ll teach ’em.

    “Oh, crud. The Twins are on the other line. Seems that they have to play at the Humpdome. We like symmetry, and that will leave us with an odd number of teams.

    “We’ve got to keep them around for a while. What to do? What to do?

    “Let’s put the team in a better park. Hmm… Where to put them? What about Puerto Rico? I know a lot of their fans will visit them there. Not. Even if they don’t get more attendance, the ballpark down there is smaller and it will look like there are more fans because there are less seats. And San Juan is warm all year. In Montreal the fans come to the Parc Jarry in parkas in July.

    “What? They moved out of Parc Jarry? When? After the Olympics? What Olympics? Why doesn’t anyone let me in on these things? Crud.

    “Any chance we can sneak a grinder into Cooperstown? That @#$%& Carter was inducted wearing an Expos cap. Spraypaint? Hey, call that punkrockpainter guy. Maybe he can create new postcards with any other logo. We must erase the memory of the Expos from the collective minds and history books of baseball.

    “Cattle. That’s all the fans are. Cattle. Next thing you know, they’ll be wanting some sort of assurance that the baseball card companies will verify any game used material that they put on cards. Distance ourselves from that one, too.”

    • Yea, I really shouldn’t be judging the Nationals/ Expos because I really only been a “true” baseball fan for last 5-6 years. Before that I was really only following the Mets and not baseball as a whole.

      But in recent history I don’t know what team has been more mismanaged than the Nats whether it is their fault or someone elses.

      They seems to have a weak farm system that hasn’t improved.
      They always seem to over pay for mediocre players. Like Austin Kearns
      Their best prospects seem to fizzle because their development was mismanaged. Chad Cordero.
      They seem to piss off other teams GM’s (Reds), their fans (from what I read in Nationals blogs) and their players (like the Duke’s incident).
      Their former GM Bowden? had been criticized throughout his career and his Nationals career ended in a controversy.
      Not to mention their losing record.

      All in all, I am just saying it is hard to be a Nationals fan.

  3. bill

    I’m the Nats fan Steve told you about and yeah I love the Nats cause they brought me back to baseball. What do you collect and I can see what I have.


  4. Don’t worry about it.

    Just mailed it out today.

  5. bill

    Hi Raymond
    I got the cards today and I cant thank you enough especially about the Zimmerman card. Yeah MLB doesnt really care about the Nats but Manny is trying really hard to keep a good team and we are doing a little better except for the pitching. We SUCK when it comes to pitching but hopefully things will get better there too.
    If I can ever help you with some cards please let me know.

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