CotG: 2009 Topps Pat Neshek

So the Mets sweep the Nationals with their B team missing more than half their starters in the lineup (Reyes, Beltran, Delgado, Church and Schneider). Johan Santana’s start was a roller coaster ride, striking out a bunch and walking a bunch. Despite that, the Mets were dominant.

I have two more hobby packs of 2009 Topps Series two.

First pack:
Gio Gonzalez
Charlie Manuel
Jeff Clement
Jason Varitek
Brett Anderson
Chase Utley Topps Town
Kenshin Kawakami- A PC win
Jayson Werth
Bronson Arroyo
Jose Molina

Second pack:
Pat Neshek
Billy Butler
David Murphy
Chad Qualls
Jacoby Ellsbury Ring of Honor
Chipper Jones Legend of the Game
Justin Upton Topps Town
Khalil Greene
David DeJesus
Jhonny Peralta

Jacoby Ellsbury

No Mets again so that make no Mets in four packs. Pat Neshek is the CotG (Card of the Game) because he is a card collector like us and he is by far the best TTM signer. I actually found this out from a SI Kids magazine which I got only for a card I wanted. He provides a unique look into the card and memorabilia industry although I wish he gets a better design/ layout for his site. The red and the lack of a commenting section are getting kind of annoying.



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