CotG: Another Johan Santana Card

The Mets have been hammered by injuries as of late with Putz being the latest blow. It sometimes feels like there must be some lingering curse involving Shea Stadium some how. First the Mets get swept by the lowly Pirates and now needing extra innings to win against the worst team in baseball. But a win is a win so for this CotG (Card of the Game) post, I have a 2009 Topps pack.

The pack:
Justin Morneau
Chris Sampson
Classic Combos Morneau, Santana & Mauer
Jimmy Rollins
Josh Willingham
Josh Anderson
Jim Edmonds
Cliff Lee
Sam Fuld
Ian Snell

No Mets in this pack but the CotG is a no brainer because Johan Santana is the only player in this pack to have played for the Mets. He is also the disputed ace of the rotation although he hasn’t been as sharp the last few games. Still I don’t know where the Mets would be without him.


I hope with all this bad luck now there will be a string of good luck right around the corner (something like signing Joe Mauer).


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