CotG: Spectrum Barry Zito

Nothing comes easy for the Mets. I am still a little disappointed that they lost 2 close games to the Phillies and that game but they won a war today (battling both the elements and the Yankees). I haven’t really cared much for the Subway series at all but I admit I was very, very angry and embarrassed when the Castillo committed the error losing the first game right there. Although it is nice to see the Mets bounce back with some fine performances from people you don’t expect to contribute much (especially the Fernandos and Omir Santos).

For this Mets win, I have two packs of 2008 UD Spectrum. The last pack of Spectrum was horrible and I am not expecting much from these packs.

Pack 1:
Barry Zito
Hank Blalock
Derek Jeter Retrospectrum
Reggie Jackson Yankee Stadium Legacy

Pack 2:
Chris Young
Brandon Webb
Another Derek Jeter Retrospectrum
Phil Rizzuto Yankee Stadium Legacy

A lot of Yankees but no Mets. Barry Zito is arguably the biggest free agent bust ever, getting paid more than $20 million a year. From what I remembered the SF Giants were pretty much bidding against themselves. These types of contracts destroy franchises. Zito is the CotG (Card of the Game) because the Mets were heavily rumored to signing him and this should be a lesson learned as the Mets would much worst position if they signed Zito to anything close to what he makes now.


This is last time I get anything Spectrum.

Don’t forget to enter the Shot Not Taken twitter contest.


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