Introducing My NBA All- Auto Team

With the end of one of the most exciting NBA playoffs (although I a little disappointed that the Magic didn’t win), I have my NBA all auto- team. I try to factor in players I collect, their recent play and the value of the cards (in that order). Also keep in mind that I only started collecting basketball cards recently and my collection are mostly Knicks and Asians basketball cards. The list clearly reflects that.

Dwight Howard
Dwight Howard was a monster in the playoffs this year. He led his team to an upset victory against the Cavs but he tapered off a bit against the Lakers which wasn’t entirely his fault. His personality and playful attitude made him my favorite superstar as oppose to LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Dwayne Wade, etc. His slam dunk contest theatrics and performance don’t hurt either.


Honorable Mention:
Yao Ming
I am a huge Yao Ming fan and this card is probably one I treasured the most. A month ago Yao Ming would have been my center but Dwight Howard finished off with a bang where Yao got injured again.

Yao Ming

Power Forward:
David Lee
David Lee is currently my favorite basketball player and I really hope he resigns with the Knicks. He has some flaws but he shows that hard work and hustle can get results. He has the most double doubles this year beating Dwight Howard and is third in rebound per game.


Honorable Mention:
David West
If I made this list last year, David West would have been my power forward because Chris Paul simply has great chemistry with the Hornet’s big men. It was very exciting to watch. West is underrated and very quietly effective.


Small Forward:
Wilson Chandler
Wilson Chandler was very impressive this season for the Knicks. He was a little inconsistent but showed a lot of promise. Chandler is certainly an important part of the Knicks’ future


Honorable Mention:
Yi Jianlian
I primarily collect Asians athletes and I was intrigued by Yi because he came from China and his potential. Two seasons in, he hasn’t shown much and is rumored to be on his third team in three seasons.

Yi auto

Shooting Guard:
Paul Pierce
Because the Knicks have been so bad the last couple of years, I have been rooting for the Celtics. Even with Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen, Paul Pierce is the face of the franchise.


Point Guard:
Sonny Weems
I recently got a new trading partner who collects mostly basketball cards and it seems the trades have depleted my collection of autos of guards. Weems plays a little point but he known more for winning the college slam dunk contest.


Sixth Man:
Kyle Korver
This was a no- brainer for me. I always rooted for underdogs and players who truly worked hard and loved the game. He was my favorite player until David Lee had breakout season this year. Korver has established himself to be a three point specialist in the NBA. More importantly, he supports a lot of great causes and donates a lot of his money. All this makes him a great bench player and teammate. It would be interesting to see where he ends up this summer.


I hope to have the all auto lineup during the All- Star game and at the end of the MLB season.



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5 responses to “Introducing My NBA All- Auto Team

  1. chemgod

    Korver is one of my all time favorite players.

  2. Fuji

    I noticed you have a bunch of Topps Signature autos. Are you trying to build a set? If so, maybe we can help each other out. Shoot me an email if you’re interested.

    By the way, nice group of autos.

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