CotG: Masterpiece Roger Maris

It was a quite an ugly week for the Mets with Castillo dropping the ball and Santana getting blown out and the schedule is not going to get any easier. The Mets really have to regroup against the Orioles because they are facing the Rays, the Cards and the Yankees again. Thus this win a good one with decent pitching (there were some tense moments) and with the Mets taking advantage of the opportunities the Orioles gave them. The Mets are the crossroads between contenders or pretenders and they need to build some momentum going into the break.

I got another Upper Deck Yankee Baseball Card Fan Pack. Apparently you can get these at K- Mart. Again all the cards in the pack has the thickness and the glossiness of Upper Deck base set cards including the Masterpieces cards which is the primary reason why I got it. That and there wasn’t anything else interesting enough to buy.

The pack:
Upper Deck 2007
Jason Giambi
Chien- Ming Wang
Mariano Rivera
Alex Rodriguez
Robinson Cano

Upper Deck 2008
Jorge Posada
Johnny Damon
Mike Mussina
Andy Pettitte
Derek Jeter

Future Stars
Jason Giambi

2007 SP Legendary Cuts
Babe Ruth
Thurman Munson
Don Mattingly
Joe DiMaggio


The reason I bought this pack 2007 Masterpieces
Alex Rodriguez
Roger Maris
Babe Ruth 2
Derek Jeter
Phil Hughes
Hideki Matsui 15
Hideki Matsui 44
Lou Gehrig
Reggie Jackson
Babe Ruth 1


There is a lot to choose from with most of the Yankee legends included. Too bad there weren’t any Micky Mantles, the only Yankee I like. It took me awhile but in the end I choose the Roger Maris Masterpiece card. Roger Maris has the most home runs in a single season in the American League and to me still has the most home runs in a single season overall because those would bypassed him are heavily rumored to have done steroids (Bond, Sosa, McGwire). I just read that Sosa failed a steroid test in 2003 which really isn’t a big surprised. I really believe the history of the steroid era is still being written and it would be interesting to see how the rumored steroid users would be remembered.



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