Pack Break: Tristar TNA Cross the Line

First off, the Mets have been struggling and it is hard to see them routinely losing close games. The only positive really is that the Phillies got swept.

I wanted to open something a little off the beaten path so I got 8 packs of Tristar TNA Cross the Line. I not a big wrestling fan but I watch a little here and there.

The hits:


The autographs I got were a lot better than what I was expecting. Anyone who watched even a little wrestling in 90’s should recognized Sting and Kevin Nash. The Sting bat/ auto card (88/99) is especially exciting to get and I really can’t complain about the Nash auto (13/25).

Tristar got lazy here.

Tristar got lazy here.


This set has a gimmick which would be interesting if Tristar did it in their other products. They could have a 10-15 cards insert set where they get a couple of sport writers/ bloggers to select their favorite baseball prospect and write 3-4 sentences about that player. Right now most the writing in the back of the cards are pretty generic which most collectors don’t bother reading and if they do it usually something bad. These writers/ bloggers have established fanbases and if all goes well they would gladly advertise the product they contributed to in their sites. Although I could imagine a couple of problems putting this set together.

All in all, I am impressed with this product. The hits I got were first rate and the base set was innovative and fun.

Update: I am looking for a Motor City Machine Gun (MCMG) dual autograph and would be willing to trade the Sting or Kevin Nash autograph.



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4 responses to “Pack Break: Tristar TNA Cross the Line

  1. lonestarr

    Suicide is supposed to be uber-mysterious, that’s probably why the back is like that.

  2. TNA Fan

    The way Tristar seeded these special inserts (“hits”, as Tristar calls it) really suck! I bought many many packs only to get crappy common autos and event-used. They included way too many jobber wrestlers. Save your money and don’t buy this set.

  3. TNA Fan, I probably agree for the most part with this product being mostly hit or miss. But I got too good of a deal and couldn’t resist. I really believe I got extremely lucky.

    Did you get any autographs of MCMG, Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley? I am active looking for them and would love to set up a trade.

  4. Jesus, I busted an entire box and in your few packs you got two of the best three autographs!

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