CotG: Gary Matthews Giveaway

The bottom line is that the Mets won and the Phillies lost. Fernando Nieve was again surprisingly effective and Brian Schneider set the tone early with a rare home run. It is also good to see K-rod bounce pack from a dismal performance.

I got this “pack” free from my card store with the purchases of a couple of singles. The cards are the last 10 cards (FF16-FF25) of a 25 card Topps giveaway set for hobby stores in 2007 (I think). Although I am not sure what this set mimics, the cards have a great vintage look to them.

The card:
Ichiro- A card I need of my PC
Michael Young
David Ortiz
Roger Clemens
Frank Thomas
Trevor Hoffman
Gary Matthews
Rafael Furcal
Chipper Jones
Albert Pujols


I could pick another Mets’ rival (Chipper Jones) or the best all- around player (Albert Pujols) as the CotG (Card of the Game) but I decided to go to the former Mets route. Gary Matthews’ career was quite an enigma and his career as a Mets was mostly forgettable (lasted only 2 games). For most of his career he was a journeyman then he had a great season in 2006 including a great catch to rob a home run which would be among the best ever. This earned him a 5 year $50 million contract but 2006 proves to be a fluke as the Gary Matthews is one of worst recent free agents signing. It is interesting to note there is evidence he took/bought HGH and whether this has any correlation to his 2006 season.



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