CotG: 2008 Tristar Prospects Plus

11-0. The Mets continue to surprise me and are turning into quite the scrappy team. Today Nick Evans, who early in the season seemed to hit rock bottom and Fernando Nieve (again) most notably stepped up. But really it is a team win. You can’t rely on them long term but they are fun to watch. All in all, it is a good win after being shut last game.

Yesterday, I went to a Brooklyn Cyclones (aka Baracklyn Cyclones) game during Barack Obama bobble head night. Unfortunately I was too late for the bobble head but I got two 2008 Tristar blasters for the price of one ($26 and no tax!). Who knew, at $13 a blaster, you can get a good deal on cards from a ballpark?

tristar blasters

The 2008 Tristar Prospects Plus has 5 packs so for this CotG (Card of the Game), I’ll open the first 3 packs.

Pack 1:
David Cooper
Corban Joseph
Jemile Weeks
Brett Wallace
David Adams
Boston Future Stars Bryan Peterson, Tyler Yockey, Jonathan Hee

Pack 2:
Lance Lynn
James Darnell
Jay Austin
Tim Fedroff
Matt LaPorta
NY’s Future Catchers Mitch Abeita & Jeff Nutt

Pack 3:
BJ Hermsen
Chris Carpenter
Matt Cerda
Juan Carlos Sulbaran
Christian Vazquez
Boston Top Pick Catchers Tim Federowicz & Christian Vazquez

After a quick glance, I didn’t find any Mets farm hands. Although I don’t follow minor league games and prospects too much, the biggest name of the bunch (at least to me) is Matt LaPorta. LaPorta was drafted by the Brewers 7th overall in 2007 and was 14th in the Top 50 prospects this year. He was the key component of the huge trade for CC Sabathia last year and now is now playing left field for the Indians.

Tristar Matt LaPorta


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