CotG: More 2008 Tristar Prospects Plus

I was at work so I didn’t see the Mets’ day game today. But from what I read, Nick Evans’ two run double was the difference maker. For me, he has earned his spot in lineup, at least for the time being. Three runs was just enough for Johan Santana and the bullpen which is good to see. I just can’t believe the Mets just won the series with the Cardinals with the way things are going.

This is my last two packs from the 2008 Tristar Prospect plus blaster.

Pack 1:
Charlie Blackmon
Shane Peterson
Derrik Gibson
Jay Austin Auto
Jordan Danks
Kyle Russell

This is why sticker autos sucks. What a mess.

This is why sticker autos sucks. What a mess.

Pack 2:
Reese Havens
Bryan Price
Jonathan Hee
Ross Seaton
Boise Hawk Teamates Josh Harrison, Jake Opitz, Ryan Keedy
Hunter Cervenka

This one is an easy choice. The CotG (Card of the Game) has to be Reese Havens. He was the Mets 1st round draft pick, 22nd overall and played for the Brooklyn Cyclones last year. He not doing too good so far but the Mets need all the organizational depth they can muster. It is also interesting that Havens doesn’t have a Wikipedia page.

Reese Havens


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