Pack Break: Topps Basketball Signatures

It has been a rough week for the Mets and it’s not looking good in the near future. It also really sucks to be a Mets fan surrounded by Yankees fans after a Subway Series sweep. Since the Mets haven’t been winning much, I haven’t been posting much and the packs I bought have been piling up so I figure to open a pack. This is a basketball pack so I won’t break my CotG (Card of the Game) pact. (See the about page, CotG if you have no idea what I’m talking about. I added the unwritten basketball pack loophole for times like these.)

The pack:

This pack has nothing to be too excited for. The Michael Ray Richardson card is interesting as I have been on and off again in collecting Knicks cards. But I think I am going to wait awhile to start again. I want to wait to see if the Knicks are going to be competitive (or be as disappointing as the Mets) and to see the new direction of basketball card products with Panini getting a NBA exclusive agreement. (Does anyone remember when that kicks in?) The Brandan Wright autograph is not the worst card in the world but I honestly haven’t heard too much about Brandan Wright. Although he’s a lottery pick and is still young with lots of potential.



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2 responses to “Pack Break: Topps Basketball Signatures

  1. I really like this set… I know that Topps was just trying to unload a bunch of their sticker autos and some of them are way overproduced. However, I enjoy the simple design.

    I’m trying to build this autograph set. If anyone else is trying to build this set too, maybe we can help each other out. You can see my wantlist on my website.

  2. I feel the same way. The simple design makes the autograph the focus of the card and really you can’t complain about the price point and the pulls.

    The set is great if you are just starting to collect basketball cards or looking for bargains.

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