CotG: 2008 Tristar Projections High # Series

I hate to be pessimistic but I was actually glad today’s Met game was at 2, sparing me from watching another ugly defeat.. The problem is the Mets don’t look competitive at all. To to my surprise, again fully expecting a loss, the Mets barely won, 1-0 thanks to Mike Pelfrey. I guess as the old saying goes, It ain’t over ’til it’s over.

This is the other blaster I got from the Brooklyn Cyclones game awhile ago. It is a 2008 Tristar Projections High # Series. I’ll open three packs now and save the other three for the next win.

First pack:
Dexter Fowler
Adam Carr
Juan Ramirez
Jairo Heredia
Zhenwang Zhang
Drew Miller
Jose Pirela
Steve Evarts

Second pack:
Bryan Anderson
Cole Rohrbough
Brett Anderson
Brooks Brown
Fabio Castillo
Trevor Cahill
Julio Borbon
Joshua Smoker

Third pack:
Manuel Solis
Wade Davis
Robinson Fabian
Jaime Garcia
Michael Brantley
Shane Keough
Carlos Urena
Wes Hodges

Again there are no Mets prospects. Honestly I haven’t heard of most of these players and I don’t feel like looking up everyone so I think the best way to choose the CotG (Card of the Game) is by who’s drafted the highest. There were a couple of international free agents so that complicate things a bit but Joshua Smoker was the player drafted the highest. He was drafted by the Nationals and they need all the arms they can get. Going on a tangent, does anyone know why they are so many Yankees and Red Sox prospects in Tristar products?

Tristar Joshua Smoker


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