CotG: More 08 Tristar Projections High Series

I didn’t get a chance to watch the Mets game today but the bottom line is the Mets won in extra innings, 9-8. So for this Mets win, I have three packs left over of 2008 Tristar Projections High # Series.

First pack:
Chris Coghlan
Matt Mangini
Jeremy Haynes
Josue Calzado
Eric Niesen
Chris Carter
Josh Vitters
Salvador Sanchez

Second pack:
Caleb Gindl
Justin Reed
Neil Ramirez Auto
Billy Crystal Reflective- kind of cool I guess
Andrew Bailey
Cody Johnson
Tommy Hunter
Francisco Pena

Neil Ramirez Auto

Billy Crystal Reflective

Third Pack:
Van Pope
Brian Rike
Rafael Dolis
Zach McAllister
Adam Mills
Tyler Herron
Albert Laboy
Andrew Romine

There were bigger prospects in this pack but it was a tossup between Eric Niesen and Franciso Pena, Met prospects, for the CotG (Card of the Game). I ended up picking Eric Niesen. The tipping point was that he was a Brooklyn Cyclone at some point in his career. The Cyclones is a first- rate minor league organization and every game is great experience. Plus the tickets for Cyclones are far less than tickets to Citi Field and the players are more approachable. So out of the two blasters, I got two Cyclones players. Not bad.

Tristar Niesen

Also, if you haven’t heard already Upper Deck just renewed their license to make baseball cards. This is good because, in general, I like Upper Deck products more than Topps and it always good to have competition.


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  1. Nice job on the Crystal pull!

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