CotG: 08 Topps Opening Day

Any Met win right now is a good one. Oliver Perez wasn’t great but decent. He was very wild so he was probably more lucky than good. But wow that play Daniel Murphy made, where he did that behind the back flip to Parnell to get the runner, has to be one of the craziest plays I ever watched and has to be in ESPN’s top 10 plays. It’s good for the Mets to finally have a Top 10 play rather than a Not Top 10 play. Didn’t ESPN do a Mets themed Not Top 10 recently? Their fielding had really been that dismal. I hope the Mets build upon this win before it becomes too little too late.

For today’s CotG (Card of the Game), I have two packs of 2008 Topps Opening Day which I had for awhile.

First pack:
Ichiro- I have to check to see if I have this card already in my PC.
Dustin Pedroia
John Lackey
Hanley Ramirez Puzzle Piece
Kenji Johjima- I know I don’t have this card in my PC.
Gary Matthews

Second Pack:
Alex Rios
Jim Thome
Jose Valverde
Jim Edmonds
Manny Ramirez
Jeff Francis

The best card of the bunch is definitely the Hanley Ramirez puzzle piece. I have a ton of puzzle pieces and it is probably 80-90% complete but it is scattered all over the place. I might one day gather them up and complete it.



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