Cards No One Wants: Mike Rozier Just Autographs

I haven’t done it in awhile but this is an ongoing segment on cards no one should want. However, if I am proven wrong, these cards are available free to the first person who leaves a comment on why they want the card and emails me their address.

I was looking through my baseball autographs for a future post, my all- auto all-star baseball team (which is going to be similar to my NBA All- Auto team) and boy I have a lot of crap autographs. I am a bit of a prospector and buy a lot of minor league products so I guess this had to be expected. For every Johnny Cueto autograph, you can get a Mike Rozier auto, who really has no shot of making the bigs. There is a much more successful Mike Rozier who plays football and if I didn’t mixed them up this Mike Rozier also played football. He turned down a football scholarship to sign a large draft bonus so I guess that was a big oops for everyone involved. I am not quite sure but he might be finished with baseball since I don’t see any 2009 stats. Also, Just Minors never could figure out how to incorporate the sticker autos into the card design and 2005 might be their worst year.

rozier auto



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2 responses to “Cards No One Wants: Mike Rozier Just Autographs

  1. I’ll totally take it. “Rozier” is a bad-ass last name, and he has pretty nice handwriting.

  2. It’s yours. Shoot me an email with your address and I’ll send it asap.

    park_dweller at

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