CotG: Topps 2003

I keep saying to myself I won’t watch the Mets until they play better (I really have been on and off) but after yesterday shutout it should be easy to do. So I am busy watching UFC 100 right now but just read (via Twitter) that the Mets won today so I figure to write a post between fights.

For today’s win, I got a hobby pack of Topps 2003.

The pack:
Jamie Moyer
Jose Vidro
Jose Mesa
Chad Bradford
Chris Carpenter
Jason Giambi Sporting News All- Stars
Robert Person
Junior Spivey
Bret Boone
Kelvim Escobar

No Mets but Chad Bradford and I think Bret Boone played with the Mets at one point. I wanted to try something a little different so I let my brother choose the CotG (Card of the Game). His pick? Jamie Moyer. His reason? “How can you hate on the Ageless Wonder?” That’s enough for me. (FYI, I would have picked Chad Bradford. He was most known for his unique windup and was surprisingly good for the Mets.)



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