Introducing My All Auto All Star Team

I got a good response to my all auto NBA team so with the All Star Game today, I am introducing my MLB all auto all star team. With so many junk autos in my collection and picking only active players, I needed to expand my selections beyond cards.

C- Despite being a Phillie, Louis Marson is the top catching/ most major league ready prospect for them and I really have no other decent catcher autos. I am pretty sure he is a Top 50 prospect.


1B- Justin Morneau is an excellent player having an excellent year. I pulled this baseball out of a box of Just Memorabilia (which cost me only $8) and it is easily my best pull ever.


2B- Freddy Sanchez is a solid player, a former batting title holder, and an all star who would be traded to a contender sooner rather than later. For some reason, I always viewed him as a utility player but he always seems to be doing a lot better than I think he was.

2B- Freddy Sanchez

SS- Even though I don’t care for parallels and serial numbers too much, Marco Vechionacci’s card is serial 1/5 which is lowest serial autograph I own and the only card I own numbered 1. Also for some reason I never pull any quality middle infielders autographs. If I am not mistaken, Vechionacci is a defensive specialist and note that I know he plays mostly 3B now but I have seen him listed as SS too.


3B- Chris Davis has all the tools to be a future all- star. He just needs to put it all together. He had a great rookie season but has hit a sophomore slump but I fully expect him to bounce back.


OF- Adam Lind is having a breakout year which is very surprising for me because I projected him to be at best a fourth outfielder. Credit is given where credit is due.


OF- I was there in Yankee Stadium when Josh Hamilton hit a ton of homers in last year’s home run derby and since then I am a huge fan of his. His comeback is a great story and his book is a great read. I got this autograph in a book signing at Borders.


OF- Travis Snider is rank the 7th best prospect and already making his mark in the majors. He is only 21 years old and great things are already expected from him.

OF- Snider

SP- Johnny Cueto was dominating for most of the year until that massacre by the Phillies. Without a doubt he’ll be a big part of the Reds until they trade him to a contender.


CL- Joe Nathan is quietly one the best closer in the majors.


It is pretty clear that this team is based mostly on potential. Most of the players are still young and some are unproven but I fully expect all these players to be great for years to come.



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2 responses to “Introducing My All Auto All Star Team

  1. lonestarr

    That’s pretty cool. I think I should try that with mine and see what I come up with.
    Will email soon about the Okamura. 🙂

  2. Joe Nathan is also a great under the radar auto – you can pick that one up at a pretty reasonable auction price.

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