CotG: 2009 Allen and Ginter

The Mets didn’t get swept as some analysts predicted and it only took Johan Santana to do it. That’s a relief.

I heard a lot of good things about 2009 Topps Allen & Ginter so I figure to get two packs for this CotG (Card of the Game) post. I am expecting big things so fingers crossed.

First Pack:
Carlos Zambrano
Mike Jacobs
Hank Blalock
Rich Harden
Joba Chamerlain
Jason Wong- Who?
Johnny Cueto- Mini
Edinson Volquez insert


Second Pack:
Paul Maholm
Ryan Church
Ryan Perry
Phil Coke
Jeff Clement
Walton Glenn Eller
Ubaldo Jimenez- Mini
John Lackey insert


I like the Allen & Ginter design not because it is retro but because it is simple. I hate card designs that are way too busy or way too cluttered. Upper Deck is especially guilty of this. Even though Ryan Church just got traded, he is the CotG. I am not a big fan of this trade but I am willing to wait to see if Jeff Francoeur finds his power back. Church really didn’t get a fair shake with the Mets. To me Church is a solid, consistent player who was unfortunate with injuries and Francoeur is looking like a bust with the Braves. By the way, how come the Ryan Church cards look so familiar? I have a hunch that Topps used the same picture last year. I have to find a 2008 Ryan Church card and compare. All in all the packs weren’t that great but I am willing to give it another go and buy more Allen & Ginter in the future.


On a side note, does anyone know a good way to store A & G minis? Last year I just gave them to my brother to deal with. Also I am not building the set this year so all the cards expect for Church and the Coke are for trade. The base cards are 36, 51, 94, 106, 141, 146, 237, 240, 247, and 338. The minis are 49 and 266. The inserts are NP56 and NP27. Good luck to all those building the set.


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