Cards No One Wants: Ruined Yankees Cards

This is an ongoing segment on cards no one should want. However, if I am proven wrong, these cards are available free to the first person who leaves a comment on why they want the card and emails me their address.

Because I am from New York and I collect cards, my friend from out of state surprised me with a 2009 Yankee Team Set. (I am a Mets fan.) I really can’t complain since I got two cards (Wang and Matsui) for my PC. What I can complain about it is poor quality of the cards. Below is a high quality scan and I hope you can see it but it is not dirt on those cards. The ink from the back got on the front of the next card ruining both cards. About half the cards were like this. The worst one is the actually supposed to be the best card, the Mickey Mantle variant. Still I kind of collect Mickey Mantle (mint condition or not) but the three cards below are available as per Card No One Wants to any Yankees fans. These cards don’t really mean much to mean but Topps still got to work on the quality control.




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3 responses to “Cards No One Wants: Ruined Yankees Cards

  1. I was just thinking the other evening, in Chicago, you love the Cubs or the Sox. You’re a northsider or a southsider. But in football, there’s only “Da Bears.”

    In the greater NYC area, you’re either a Mets or a Yankees fan (yes, I’m painting with a very broad brush).

    Is there a correlation between rooting for the Mets or the Yankees and which NY football team to root for (Giants or the Jets)?

    No, this has nothing to do with the Yankee cards that no one wants, I’m just curious.

  2. I am very biased since I hang out with mostly Mets fans and I went to a school in Brooklyn where most people were Mets fans but most Mets fans are Jets fans. Kind of rooting for an underdog thing.

    That said, I found a lot of New Yorkers are casual fans which means they support whoever is having a better year. Of course their are die hards but I find in general sports don’t mean as much to people than say people in Boston or St Louis.

    Just my observations.

  3. Hi
    Are the cards still available?

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