CotG: Topps 2003 Plus Junk Pack

When I saw the lineup today with Daniel Murphy batting cleanup I swore the Mets were going to get another zero. But, the offense today was a pleasant surprise for once.

I got this 2003 Topps Baseball Series One hobby pack with my loose change at the card machine in the supermarket a long time ago. If I haven’t said it before, to me, the 03 design is ugly and pictures for the most part are bland and boring. But anyways, the pack.

Jerry Manuel
Jim Tracy
Ruddy Lugo
Cliff Lee
Jeff Torborg
League Leaders: AL Runs Batted In A-rod, Magglio Ordonez, Miguel Tejada
Al Leiter
Albert Pujols
Danny Bautista

Pujols and Lee

Despite having nine cards instead of ten (which is a little suspicious), it is not a bad pack with Albert Pujols and a Cliff Lee rookie. But for the CotG (Cards of the Game), it is between Jerry Manuel and Al Leiter. The Mets right now are playing flat and lacking fundamentals which to me is the manager’s fault as much as the players. I think a change in leadership is in order. Al Leiter and Mike Piazza are my favorite players a decade ago when the Mets were actually contenders. Leiter is probably one the best Met pitchers ever although I am a little biased since only been watching baseball for about 15 years. (Tom Seaver is still the best though.) So easily the Al Leiter card is the CotG.

Manuel and Leiter

I also got another pack with the remaining change and that pack is…

Pukeymon pack

It is obviously a parody of the Pokemon craze. I got a one of the chase Scratch ‘n Sniff card but I don’t think I want to smell a Milknose. The cards were made by Pacific in 2000 which was towards the end of their decline and were probably willing to make anything for a quick buck. At this time (I don’t want to double check), they might have already lost their license to make baseball cards and resorted to junk products like this. The cards look amateurish and definitely I can make better looking cards with Photoshop. It is no Wacky Packages or Garbage Pail Kids. These types of products obviously didn’t save Pacific and now is an obscure part of baseball card history.

Pukeymon cards

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  1. I agree – Topps was certainly hard on the eyes that year

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