CotG: 08 Topps Opening Day plus Rant

I totally spaced out and forgot the Mets were playing but the Mets won and have a nice little win streak going on.

I went back to the card machine in my supermarket with my little cousin. I picked a pack and he picked a pack.

My pack Topps Opening Day 2008:
Jason Bay
Scott Rolen
Akinori Iwamura
David Wright Ad
Chase Utley
Eric Chavez
Zack Greinke

His pack Pokemon Platinum: There is a reason why I including this pack in this post.
Galactic HQ
Psychic Energy

Again the Pokemon pack is my cousin’s and I was a little hesitant to have a post on it but this pack has proved what I long expected. The packs in the machine are picked and resealed. I had numerous packs that were short a card and packs that lack inserts despite the odds. Now that I think of it the machine has also eaten a ton of my coins. My cousin plays the Pokemon game so I have seen him open a lot of packs. I have never seen a Pokemon pack short a card and this pack has nine cards instead of ten. All packs have one rare although new packs may have two with a foil card slot which can be a rare card. (You have to double check. I am not a Pokemon expert.) Still the point is at most given optimal condition you can have at most two rares. This pack has five rares which is a little weird. You can tell by the little star is the bottom right. As far as I can tell there are no hot packs in Pokemon. I know for certain all cards are supposed to be of the right set in this case the Platinum set. At least one card (the foil one) in this pack is from another set. You can tell by the icon in the bottom right. Still my cousin is pretty happy with this pack but it has confirmed my suspicions. Too bad the machine is closest place I can get card, literal down on the corner for me.

poke cards

Now that my little investigation is over, back to the CotG (Card of the Game). My pack is a little underwhelming and I am tempted to pick a Pokemon card. I seem to get a lot more Phillies than Mets this year. Anyways, baseball headlines are usually dominated by two types of stories these days, steroid controversies and feel- good underdogs. Zack Greinke belongs to the latter. He is truly having a phenomenal season and did it from rock bottom. I argue that he is this year’s Josh Hamilton.



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  1. Uh-oh. I’ll have to report this Pokemon finding to the wildeyed Pokecollector in the house. It would have been a fine post even WITHOUT that bit of information. 🙂

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