Random Pack Break: 2009 Donruss Americana

A quick post. I was having a bad day, soaked from head to toe, and craving to open something. Unfortunately I could only go to K-mart and the only thing remotely interesting was packs of 2009 Donruss Americana so I got three packs. I am so addicted.

Pack 1:
Fred Willard
Hollywood Legends Redd Foxx 620/1000
Barry Watson
Paul Le Mat
John Buccigross

Pack 2:
Eddie Deezen
Tony Todd
Alessandro Nivola
Jamie Donnelly
Denzel Whitaker

Pack 3:
Chazz Palminter
John Cusack
Taryn Manning
Daniel Logan
Bridgette Wilson- Sampras

Redd Foxx

Is it horrible that the only reason I know Redd Foxx is from Family Guy? Anyways, I got a couple of doubles and no Jackie Chan or Gerald Okamura.


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One response to “Random Pack Break: 2009 Donruss Americana

  1. I never watched Sanford & Son but for some reason the line “I’m the orginal dummy” has stuck in my head all this time. It’s apparently from a Ballpark Franks commercial.
    From Inthe80’s.com:
    This ad featured two Redd Foxx’s. One of them like the original Ball Park Franks better than the Ball Park Beef Franks, the other one liked the Beef Franks better. They traded insults at each other. Redd Foxx #1: “I like the original, ’cause I’m the original, Dummy!” Redd Foxx #2: “You’re the original dummy all right and it’s the beef!”

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