CotG: Rite Aid Blister Packs

Finally the Mets are showing some fight and comebackibility in them. Although Oliver Perez is trash. I really think luck has been on his side. There no way he can stay in the majors the way he pitches. Almost every statistic indicates this.

This is the second blister pack I got for $0.50 in Rite Aid. There are two packs, one 2007 Turkey Red and one 2008 Opening Day.

The Turkey Red pack:
Roger Clemens
Mickey Mantle
Vladimir Guerrero
Alfonso Soriano
Benjamin Harrison- ???
Ivan Rodriguez
Jamie Vermilyea
Matt Cain

The Opening Day pack:
Stephen Drew
Chuck James
Dan Haren
Clay Buchholz
Robinson Cano
Adrian Gonzalez

No Mets again but that’s ok. If you had been reading my blog, Mickey Mantle maybe the only Yankee I like mostly because we share a birthday. So the CotG (Card of the Game) is easily Mickey Mantle. Is it just me or does Mantle look very old in the card? Art cards are really hit or miss. It can be stunning or just weird looking. Also I didn’t know presidents were in the Turkey Red set. I learn something new every day I guess.

TR mantle

I now have one more blister pack left.



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2 responses to “CotG: Rite Aid Blister Packs

  1. I know a lot of people really didn’t like the 2008 Topps design. I’m OK with it but I bought a couple of Opening Day blasters at half price in the spring and I must say I prefer their red border to the white of the regular set.

  2. Between the red border, white border or chrome, I like the chrome the most. But I more of a Upper Deck guy. I like minimalist designs with the focus of the pictures.

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