Stand Out Autos: MC Lars

In addition to collecting cards, I have been collecting autographs of anyone from athletes to musicians to comic book artists/writers. Comparing autographs of the past to those now, the autos mostly have been less personal with less effort. You can barely read some and some consist of only two letters or less. So this is a new segment that would highlight those who go the extra mile to make their autograph a little more special.

I won this signed poster from swagbucks (Click here if you want to sign up. It’s free). For those who don’t know who he is (and it should be a lot of you), MC Lars is a nerdcore rapper and I first heard him on those G4 commercials. You can Youtube some of his songs. The little sketch is what sets it apart. You can tell he wasn’t signing a thousand cards in one sitting. It is the simple things that stand out.

MC Lars

I have been debating on what I should called this segment. Some other options I considered…
Auto Zone- Way to cheesy
Auto/ Autograph Hall of Fame and the opposite Auto Hall of Shame
Something with Josh Hancock
Sweet Signings- Taken?

If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave a comment.


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