CotG: Allen and Ginter

The Mets fought hard for this victory but boy it was a wild ride. I have no idea how Oliver Perez got away with only one earned run with six walks. There is no way he can have a decent career pitching like that. He needs to learn how to cut down on the walks, get better control and go deeper into games. But at this point in his career it might be too late for that. I really believe this would be the last big contract he gets. Then he’ll pitch for a few team for the minimum, a journey- men a la Sidney Ponson and Bruce Chen.

Allen and Ginter is definitely one of the better sets this year so I split a box with a couple of my friends. I actually wanted to open a basketball box but they didn’t so I settled for A&G. I will scatter the A&Gs packs across several CotGs (Card of the Game).

The first pack:
Brad Lidge
Jeremy Bonderman
Mike Pelfrey
Alex Rodiguez
Javier Vazquez
Adam Jones Black bordered mini
Derek Jeter Baseball Highlights Insert
Dontrelle Willis Mini
Grady Sizemore National Pride

AGBK Jeter

I got nine cards, two minis in this pack which is a little weird. I am expecting one of the other packs to be missing a mini. One of the corners of the Adam Jones mini is bent. I like Brian Kong but it isn’t one of his better pieces. It is probably the background. It looks like a kid colored it. The CotG has to be Mike Pelfrey. Big Pelf has been a little disappointing this year but who hasn’t in the Mets.


More Allen and Ginter goodness next time.


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