Random Pack Break: Wacky Packages

It has been a slow day for me and a friend of mines was late so I wander in a Rite Aid and picked up a few things including this pack of Topps Wacky Packages Series 3.

The pack:
Cap’n Crutch
Gripe Nuts
Zilla Wafers

Wacky Packages

I don’t know how old this pack was but I tried the gum. (Again I was bored.) Is the gum supposed to be this crunchy? Anyways the gum was nasty but I chewed for half a minute to see if it gets any better. It doesn’t.

I have been forced to watch Disney Channel way too many times so I will leave you with this.

Dizzy Channel



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2 responses to “Random Pack Break: Wacky Packages

  1. Alex

    Stumbled on this googling about Wacky Packages. Where did you find the Dizzy Channel thing? It’s friggin’ hilarious! Nice blog.

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