CotG: Another Pack of Allen and Ginter

The Mets today went real old school. They were wearing throwback jerseys of 1905 NY Giants. That’s pretty cool. Parnell was excellent and he is well on his way to becoming a contributor next year. If all goes well, next year’s rotation would be Santana, Pelfrey, Maine, Perez and Parnell. I really don’t know if that’s enough and I’m hoping they land another starter but there are no many other holes to fill.

Here’s another pack of 2009 Allen and Ginter.

The pack:
Josh Johnson
Max Scherzer
John Higby
Sigmund Freud
Gary Sheffield
Alex Rodriguez Baseball Highlights
Cliff Lee mini
Erik Bedard National Pride


I got a Baseball Highlights, Brian Kong insert two times in a row and I am leaning towards collecting the set (visual checklist). If you have been reading my blog, Brian Kong is one of favorite artist and on his way to becoming our generation’s Dick Perez. I met him at New York Comic Con and he is very approachable and down to earth. Collecting the set is a lot easier than getting his sketch cards although I have two of his sketches already.

Anyways the CotG (Card of the Game) is the only Met, Gary Sheffield. He was a pleasant surprise this year and is one our better power hitters (which is a little sad). Unfortunately he is battling lingering injuries like so many Mets this year. I have been getting several Mets in a row which is a good turnabout.



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