CotG: 2007 Upper Deck First Edition

Wow, the Mets just may have the best inning of the whole season today. Eight runs in the fourth with everyone except Murphy getting a hit. That’s domination. Too bad the games are meaningless now.

It seems that I misplaced my last two packs of Allen and Ginter from the box break with my friends. I was organizing my cards and the packs must have accidentally found its way into one of the boxes. So instead I have a pack of 2007 Upper Deck First Edition.

The pack:
Brandon Phillips
Travis Hafner
Jose Diaz
Anibal Sanchez
Tony Gwynn Jr.
Cla Meredith
Brandon Inge
David Eckstein
Kyle Farnsworth
Carlos Guillen Pennant Chasers

This pack reminds me how outstanding the Upper Deck photography can be. Some of cards are just stunning, really capturing the moment. It is such a shame that Upper Deck would have to cover up the logos next year.

FE_Anibel Sanhez

FE_Brandon Inge

As for the CotG (Card of the Game), it is Brandon Phillips because there are no Mets in the pack. Throughout his career, Omar Minaya has made both epic steals and epic blunders. With the Mets, the trade of Johan Santana was an absolute steal. No doubt about that. But with the Expos in similar trade for an ace, he traded Brandon Phillips, Cliff Lee and Grady Sizemore for Bartolo Colon. This is widely regarded as one of the worst trades in recent history as the Expos still sucked. Brandon Phillips is probably the worst of the three but, after a slow start, he is having a pretty solid career. There are a lot of people calling for Omar’s head. But to be fair his history tells me he is a gambler, willing to take a huge risk for a huge splash which is fine but he also seems to lack direction. Omar brought in a lot of talent but the Mets seem to lack support players. Omar seems to overpay for mediocre players like Luis Castillo (although he may be the best player still on the team), Orlando Hernandez and Oliver Perez (?) and he has given away a lot of the Mets’ young players for very little, Heath Bell, Matt Lindstrom, Brian Bannister, etc. He might get a pass this year because of all the injuries but he definitely on the hook. I am in favor of phasing him out, keeping all the options open, which may include giving me a second chance. Whoo, this whole rant is from looking at the Brandon Phillips card and thinking of Omar.



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