Random Pack Break: Basketball repacks

I have been cleaning my room lately and I found this repack with three basketball packs and one jersey & card set in a crevice between my bed and my wall. I have no idea how long its been there so I have to tear it up right away. The packs are 1998 Upper Deck Collector’s Choice, 2004-05 Topps and 2005-06 Fleer NBA Hoops hobby.

Collector’s Choice:
Memorable Moments Kevin Garnett- I guess you can call it a die cut.
Christian Laettner Starquest
Chris Mills
Larry Johnson
Sean Elliott

The scanner went all psychodelic on the foil

The scanner went all psychodelic on the foil

Wally Szczerbiak
Chris Kaman
Dorell Wright
Jiri Welsch
Michael Olowokandi
Antonio Daniels


NBA Hoops:
Mike Dunleavy
Kobe Bryant
Josh Childress
Tony Parker
Mehmet Okur


The hit:
Tyson Chandler


These aren’t the greatest cards in the world and I didn’t get anyone I actually collect. Although the Tyson Chandler set isn’t bad and looks decent, when I saw the Chicago Bulls red I thought I had a Michael Jordan hit. Getting Chandler after elevating my hopes so high is a little deflating. Still I got I what I paid for (I think). Chandler may have been traded somewhere but I’m too lazy to look that up right now.


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